Captain loses leg during Cresta Run......

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Mar 6, 2008.

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  1. Bloody hell, it's dangerous that Cresta Run lark. Always fancied a go but wont be making it a priority now 8O

    Get well soon Bernie :)
  2. That's some decision to tell the Surgeons to amputate.
  3. It does remind me of the Zulu Wars sketch in Monty Python's "Meaning of Life" when the Eric Idle character has just lost a leg and says to the Doctor "Oh its just a bit of a scratch really".
  4. It was onr tough call but faced with years and pain trying to get the mobility back and haing it removed and having something to work on with a new leg, fair play to him. It took some guts to do that
  5. Or the scene in the film 'Waterloo' which went along the lines of....

    (two British officers astride their horses)

    "My God, they appear to have shot my leg off"

    "Good God Sir, so they have..."
  6. He would be given a choice. Neither of the decisions would unethical to offer the man.

  7. Lord Paget..."By God!...I,ve lost my leg

    Lord Wellington...."By God sir! you have
  8. now, now, nobody likes a smartarrse..... :D
  9. I did two seasons on the Cresta with my regiment, it's bloody mental, and it doesn't sink in until your first (inevitable) crash. When I tipped up for the first time, Digby W (RIP) got all the beginners into the clubhouse for a brief. Part of it involves seeing a full body X- ray of various injuries, all limbs, and the torso. He finishes off pointing out the head...

    "Can you see these two thick white lines on the picture? These are the metal rods that are currently holding my head to my shoulders..." 8O

    I would still love to go back and do it again, but the nightlife in St Moritz ripped my bank account to absolute tatters!
  10. Beg Pardon Mr Cholmondley Warner sir, but I was taught to always get quotes right, in case of being guilty of misrepresenting something said by someone, still!, sorry sir.
  11. King Arthur: "I'll have that leg..."

    Black Knight: "I'm invincible!"

    King Arthur: "You're a looney!"
  12. I considered doing this for charidee a few years back. I have never skiied, nor tobogganed before, my applied rationale was that wouldn't matter, I would just have to hang on and hope for the best. Er, perhaps I need to 'reassess'...