Captain leaving before engagement expiry date

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by VanillaGhost, Aug 11, 2010.

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  1. To anyone that can help,

    I am a Captain looking into leaving the army. I have a SSC engagement expiry date in December 2011. Do I have the right to leave before this date? I am in the early stages of looking for civilian jobs and would like to be able to give potential employers my dates of availability.

    What publications can I refer to with this kind of information in? Obviously I don't want to go asking my Adj or clerks for help with this just yet.


  2. Two aspects to this: when can you leave, and how much notice do you have to give:

    When? In theory you are committed to the Return of Service which you signed up for, so you can't leave until Dec 11. This is the major issue for you. However, in theory people can't leave without a year's notice, but this has been flexible of late, too..

    Notice. If you had an IRC or Reg C, or an SSC which you'd extended, the situation used to be under the old TACOS that officers had to give 7 months notice, soldiers a year. This was regularised about 10 years ago with the introduction of ROCC and shift from Age-based Terms of Service (ATOS) to Length-of-Service-based Terms of Service (LTOS). You are on the latter, and theoretically you would have to give a year. At present however, because of the job market outside the Army, most MCM Divs are fully manned and are quite happy to let people leave the Army early. My understanding is that they have delegated authority to release you 7 months after you put your papers in (or click the 'NTT' button on JPA in contemporary parlance). In principle, if you had a compelling reason to leave earlier you could ask the Army Retirements Board to let you out earlier.

    That provides a little background, but unfortunately I think in your case it comes down to when a) your regiment, and b) your MCM Div/Wg, is prepared to release you. If you're infantry, then your regiment will have more say in the matter, if you're in a Corps then your MCM Div/Wg is likely to be more important (because the regiment can get backfilled to replace you relatively easily).

    If you don't feel comfortable broaching the topic with you Adjt, I suggest that you have an informal chat with your sub-unit 2IC and see what their perception of the manning situation is: with SDSR on the horizon we are all expecting swinging cuts, and so I've observed from officers who have worked for me that there is a greater willingness to allow people to leave early. Depending upon where you are, you may be able to ask Bde G1 staff, if you're collocated with Bde HQ. Ultimately though, in the Army as in life, 'All politics is local', and it depends upon your regt.

    Good luck in 1 (UK) Civ Div in due course
  3. I would also contact your local IERO (resettlement officer) as I am sure if your contract is due to run out you must be due some form of leave, resettlement time etc even if its not the full wack.
    If your contract is running out in December your Adj must be asking what you are doing about leaving? whether you want to convert etc Your an Officer and expected to be a grown up, but that doesn't mean that they don't support you.

    Informal Chats with your Unit RCMO and/or RAOWO/RAO should also give you some steerage.

    aside from that, its what Surrey4PQ said ;)

    and good luck