Captain Kirk - Squaddie or Ponce?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Got to thinking about Star Trek Iconic Hero, Captain Kirk..

    here's a guy who flouted rules and regulations all the time [ how many times did he f**k the Prime Directive ?]
    a guy who went against the direct orders of his superior officers
    a guy who bedded any alien with boobs
    wasn't above knocking back some Saurian Brandy with Scottie and others
    got himself busted in rank

    was he an idiot who should never have been given a command? or a true man of the military ethos ?
  2. He wore a corset FFS. Ponce by definition. (And now Bill Shatner is promoting bloomin' fibre cereal. I rest me case.)
  3. In Kirk's favour, at least he never had a bloody social worker on the bridge of his Enterprise (though I wouldn't mind helping Picard's social worker get her brown wings!).

    No f*cking about with targeting his enemy's weapons or engines either, Kirk just blew them to bits.
  4. Capt Kirk obviously knows fcuk all about the exercise of command. How many COs do you know (still living that is) who take the 2IC, RMO and OC Engrs on recce patrols. I rest my case. On a similar note if the A-Team were that fcuking good why did they never manage to kill anyone given that must have fired off the first line stocks 5.56mm for a rifle company in every episode?
  5. Squaddie.

    In the world's greatest practical joke, he blew up his own ship to pee off a group of people he didn't like and then got out of it by nicking two whales.

    And then, just to top it all off, he pissed off God and then blew him up.

    Definitely squaddie.
  6. Squaddie - remember the episode where he skiffed spock, bagged off uhuru and spent a drunken night bezzering Mr Sulu?
  7. Ponce. Tarting around in ripped shirts all the time. Negligent as well: his Q bloke must have expended the Star Fleet CML on Kirk alone
  8. Squaddie. He's had a rumble pretty much everywhere he's ever been.
  9. I think a poll is needed to answer this one.
  10. Poll or no poll, still a ponce - Cuban-heeled boots in uniform. And there was the implied homo-erotic relationship with Spock..... Vulcan mind meld my arrse.
  11. He obviously followed the Clinton rule, " Don't Ask, Don't Tell "..

    Mr. Sulu recently came out of the closet to say he was having a Gay Old Time floating around the universe on the good ship Enterprise...

    Kirk certainly had a run of bad luck with his ships... How many did he smash up over the course? Picard tried the same , but his use of the ship as weapon thing was just lame...

    Kirk didn't have a woman to second guess his every move and help him ' discuss ' matters and see the ' inner good ' in the aliens.. instead of a Counsellor, kirk had a phaser...
  12. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Don't say that at a Trekkie Convention, you get your Brown Star Trek Badge!
  13. Is that a cue for the first Klingon comment of the thread?
  14. And he's still a ponce. Anybody who renders up "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" in the way that he did whilst resting between inter-galactic voyages has to be.
  15. Ponce , and his man management on away missions was bobbins.

    "Oh let's see - Away team , me, Spock , Bones , Scotty, Uhuru , the bird I'm going to have an affair with and Ensign Johnson who won't be coming back"

    How Starfleet had any young Officers left to promote is beyond me, as Kirk was doing for them so often.