Captain Jan. The transsexual Para

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bad_Crow, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Let me start by reminding all readers this is The Naafi. So usual rules apply. If you don't like it... "Fcuk off"

    A few have spent quite alot of time today discussing the He/She/it that is Captain Jan. Its been in a serious forum and so has been taken pretty seriously but come on... Whatever happened to the good old squaddy sense of humour. That is just too good a subject not to have a bit of banter with.

    So for those who can have a serious POV but can also have a laugh I put it to you.

    Poke Fun. Have a laugh and give her the same stick that we'd expect to give anybodyelse. If he/she/it really is an old school Bad arrse (Although no longer hairy i hope) squaddy He/She/It would expect nothing less. If not... Then it just goes to show that he/she/it shouldn't want to remain in the military environment anymore anyway, because as we all know. Banter and sense of humour is a key part of surviving Army Life.

    Allow me to start the ball rolling.

    She gets a sex change. Waits the right amount of time. The lot... She can sh1t in womens bogs and can wear birds number two's dress. Does that mean your not gay if you nail it. Because surely that is the ultimate "Pig Fight" winner of all time!

  2. You can't be gay if you chuck your muck up a mangina. You merely enter a select club of perverted or misguided individuals.

    If one day they manage to implant a womb (doesn't Anya have hers in a box going spare somewhere?) then would it go on the blob? The manly physique combined with the temper of a bird on the rag could turn it into a formidable weapon (unless it just started crying...).

    I fully support Leg's transformation, despite not being allowed to try out her new apparatus. A crate to the first arrser to trap Captain Jan
  3. I don't even know what all that was about. Some of us were working. Has legs gone and sign out some G10-Breasts, womans staring at for the use ofs?
  4. Done worse, what's the problem?
  5. i was strangely drawn,,,,spooky,,,but an attractive ,, new women..
  6. no surprise you being interested in this one! :)
  7. ha,, jelous again sweety.
  8. I'd fcuk her. But only if she was giving Legs a ring dhoby. Also If I cheated on her I would want an amnesty on her kicking the fcuk out of me (as she looks dangerous). And free reign to fcuk as many black teapots as possible MDN had always turned me on
  9. Hang on a minute.

    Have we all been had???

    Transexual Army Captain:


    Taffy Weather Reporter:


    I always thought there was something out of place when after the weather it would thank C/Sgt Sian Lloyd MM.
  10. small hands,,
  11. Big chebs,,
  12. yea but you would esp if he she still has his para beret to wear and his jump smock...airborne
  13. Can anyone remember this one [​IMG]

    Won eurovision a few years back, I don't think I'd shag it butif it wanted to nosh you off would you complain?
  14. Id certainly let Miriam'theres something about Miriam', suck me off, thats for sure. Nothing musculine about her..accept she had a cock.
  15. I'd shag it. Is a mangina self lubricating or would I have to spit in it first?

    Edited to say I mean the Eurovision one, not the para one.