Captain Holly Graf faces ignominious end to her career

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Skynet, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. From The Times
    March 20, 2010
    Captain Holly Graf faces ignominious end to her fast-track US Navy career

    Captain Holly Graf during a visit to the Russian Pacific Fleet base, Vladivostok. She faces an ignominious end to her career
    Michael Evans, Pentagon Correspondent

    She was the first and only woman to be selected to command a US navy guided-missile cruiser. Now she faces an ignominious end to her fast-track career after being accused of creating a “Captain Bligh” environment of fear and hostility on board her ship.

    Captain Holly Graf, 46, who has been relieved of her command of USS Cowpens, based at Yokosuka in Japan, is waiting to hear whether she is to be summoned before her superiors “to show cause” why she should not be thrown out of the navy. A spokesman said yesterday that senior officers were still considering whether to call her before a special hearing, a move that could spell the end of her career.
  2. gutted.
  3. Menopausal woman + isolated command position = TILT!
  4. That's made me laugh for all sorts of different reasons :D
  5. Does it matter that the Royal Navy hasn't given a command to a female yet? (I'd hardly call Frigates and Destroyers prestigious commands either).
  6. HMS Express used the have a female CO, OK its only a fast Patrol boat but, What fun we other boatys had whenever she locked out,Screams of "Women Drivers" and wolf whistles, and doubling up on the fenders
  7. My bold

    Oh dear! More 'positive' discrimination gone wrong? :eek: I do hope not.
  8. Pretty apt name of the ship as well in the circumstances - USS Cow Pen
  9. And a 17/21st Lancer/ QRL battle honour 1781 Cowpens ( one word)
  10. Cowpen it maybe but hense forth she shall be known as the Cow Pen or I am a Dutchman
  11. Been sworn at - Check
    Narrowly missed by a coffee cup - Check
    Half strangled - Check
    Spat at - Check
    Walked an occifer's dog - Check
    Entertained a female occifer at a private party - Nope

    Well actually I did but only in my dreams. :(
  12. Does a female AI in the Sea Cadets count,if so check
  13. If you were spat at, why on earth wouldn't you just fill the spitter in?
  14. Could have been worse, I suppose-
    she might have been christened Polly.