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Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown RN has died.


A true legend, WWII naval fighter ace, test pilot, and much else. RIP Sir.
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A glass raised to a quite incredible chap. RIP.


A life lived in the foreground of history. and lived modestly. I don't usually do RIP threads but an exception can be made for an exceptional aviator and officer.



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I'm genuinely sorry to hear that. He was one of the true "Greats" of the aviation world, especially naval aviation.


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Checkout his Desert Island disc with Kirsty.


Oh dear...

A wonderful man, whom I had the very great privilege of meeting last year..

We shall not see his like again!

RIP Sir.. hals und beinbruch!

..and editied to just to correct the BBC website entry - educated at the Royal High School (Not Fettes!) - Vivas Schola Reggia!
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Winkle was the Right Stuff before the Right Stuff were even considered. Another legend gone in a time where there seem to be so few.
An incredible gentleman and pilot who is without equal in aviation and British military history; I suspect that the full story of his life is yet to be told.

RIP Sir and thoughts with his family. I shall raise a glass this evening.

MM :(
Bugger, one of the greats.

The angels will be in trouble with his flight record.....
One can only imagine the angels were having a bit of trouble with deck landings so called for the expert ......RIP old chap of whisky will be raised tonight
truly sad
Someone should fly a Spitfire in a loop around under and over the Forth Rail Bridge in his memory

( a feat Captain Brown did)

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