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Does Anyone know why captain bob of the pioneer corps got the MC was it for his work with MI6?
Maxwell was born Jan Ludvik Hoch in 1923, one of nine children in a poor Jewish family. He arrived in Britain in 1940 and joined the Army, becoming a lieutenant and then captain after leading his platoon into Germany.

According to a citation in the London Gazette in 1945: "The attack was in danger of losing momentum but this officer, showing powers of leadership of the highest order ... kept up the advance. This officer then led two of his sections across bullet-swept ground with great dash and determination.

" Showing no regard for his own safety, he led his section in the difficult job of clearing the enemy out of the buildings, inflicting many casualties and causing the remainder to withdraw.
This is the citation, but we all know what a self publicist he was!!!!
A journo of my acquaintance was only too happy to get a job at MGN, and never had a bad word to say about him, until the evil lecherous old cunt fucked off with the pension fund.

If anyone needs persuading that Bob needed covering in tinfoil and bunged in the oven at gas mark 4,
this link surely does it.
Maxwell was an unmourned shit but all that link is persuading me is that Gordon Logan is a prize twat and we should thank ourselves that our own home grown nutter, BounceBanana, is pretty harmless and not a conceited wanker.

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