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Discussion in 'Officers' started by wooger, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. As ever it is OJAR time for Capts. Can some one please xplain to me the point of the Overall Performance Grade (OPG). Ever OJAR I have had, the reporting officer has said, "don't worry about that, it is all in the write up - welkl the potential bit anyway". If this is the case, then why bother with the OPG.
    Surely it would be better if it was like the Junior Soldiers grades, where they get a grade relative to experiance and time in rank. At the moment it seems to depend on time in rank alone.
    Not too bitter and twisted, just curious on how the whole system should work!
  2. The OPG is (or should be) a shorthand indicator to the MCM Div:

    B - Everything's fine. Keep managing this officer's career normally (no saracstic comments, please!).

    C - Manage this w*nker out of the Army ASAP.

    D - Were you not listening when I gave this sh*t-for-brains a "C" last year?

    A - This officer is stupendously talented and needs a job that will bring him to the attention of the big-hitters.

    It has little impact on the promotion boards.

    And I'm a little worried that you think the end of July is OJAR Time for Capts. Actually, the reporting date is 1 June.

  3. I quite agree. It can be a bit of a distraction. There is clear evidence of creeping excellence at OF5 and OF6 where the average (yes the average) OPG sits around the B+ mark. MS(A) at APC can provide more evidence of this. If the ADs and 2*s can't follow the bell curve then how can the COs be expected to. It is misleading.

    When I humbly asked once that perhaps Brigadiers were being overgraded I was told that they are all good. Well if that is not an argument for the application of a bell curve then i don't know what is. They are only a finite number of 2* posts, so it is more a reflection of what job you have done (such as DACOS J3 LAND or Cts or D UK or D Army RP) that gets you promoted and not what grade you get.

    Back to ground level....only worry if you get a B- and below. B is fine, anything better you need to work for. B+s are quota allocated in many formations. Look closely at recommendations for conversion of commission to Reg C IRC, you need to get these in the bag, with a reflection made in the 1RO and 2RO potential paragraphs.
    Good luck.
  4. errrmmm...aren't OJARs for Capt s'posed to be done in May?
  5. Sorry, what I meant was it was recieving time for OJARs. We all know they were written ages ago, it just takes a while to do teh rounds from Originator to CO to formation and back down again!!!
  6. wooger - you are right about the potential being key in terms of what boards and the like look at.

    Grades are too similar to allow differentiation therefore they need something to stand out.

    The bits of reports that really matter are the potential and recommendations for next 2 ranks (yes, no, high, dev).
  7. ...and 'Excp'.... :D
  8. Don't forget Inf Capts' OJARs are to be with APC by 5 Aug 05(!).
  9. And I hope you've made shure that all your charges' OJARs have been squared away Barbs! :D
  10. ^ Nope - just mine!
  11. Are we meant to have had Mid Years yet?? Am sure they are meant to be "Mid Year" and not the week before the OJAR is delivered!
  12. If its any consolation - which i doubt it is.

    If B+ are subject to quota why do all the knobs get the B+?
  13. Just because they're talented, doesn't make them knobs...

    Oh, wait.

    Yes it does.

  14. Nothing wrong with B+ (or A- for that matter!) :D

    Now, where did I put my copy of 'How To Stab People in the Back and Thrust'?
  15. Thank you DD.