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From Sixth Sense online.

" A SOLDIER charged with severely injuring a fellow officer has been found not guilty at a General Court Martial.
Following an incident that took place at last year’s military pilgrimage to Lourdes, Capt James Moulton, from Münster-based 1st Battalion, Irish Guards, was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to 2Lt Benjamin Murphy.
It was alleged that Moulton punched the then Sandhurst cadet in the face, breaking his jaw in two places.
The Captain pleaded not guilty to the charge, and while admitting that he had punched Murphy, he said that he had done so in self-defence."

Self-defence! Has anyone met Ben Murphy - fuckin mellow guy.
The ALS Prosecutor was dyslexic.........he thought he was attending a Courts Marital....and on behalf of his client..........demanded custody of the children, the car, the house and limited visiting rights to every second Friday! ;D


The court martial system is a complete joke - Moulton should of been found guilty and chucked out!!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

I'm actually meeting up with Ben today for lunch, and am bloody annoyed that the idiot who punched him is allowed to keep his pips up.

If he wasn't an Officer he'd be doing time in Colchester.
Ben is a very very decent chilled out Officer who wouldn't kick off with anyone.  
No doubt more will come out presently... ;D


whether it is right or wrong is immaterial, The officer concerned has been found not guilty and as such is deemed innocent, I have no knowledge of the case or the people involved but I would strongly urge an end to this discussion.

This has been mentioned before but this site is a private venture very kindly provided by a couple of people who I am sure would love to stay out of the libel courts, websites have been taken to court before and I'm sure it will happen again but please don't let it happen to this site.



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Hump, I am completly aware of the fact that Capt Moulton is NOT GUILTY of the charge; it has been proven in a court of law that he did not assault 2Lt Murphy but merely acted in self defence.

All I am saying is that in order to engage in an act of self defence the other person must be acting in an aggressive way.  Ben Murphy is not an aggressive guyk and therefore this is not a slanderous attack on Moulton - is innocence in this matter is a point of fact- but moreover is a defence of Murphy, who is a really good bloke.

As a completely seperate and unrelated thread......the ALS are dogshit.  Why do we employ advocates who do not have the sense or normally the ability to survive in the civilian realm.  Whilst I fully appreciate the sterling work of flying lawyers and bde legal staff is it not so that those of quality leave before they become senior advocates to earn 6 figure sums in the city - as the defense counsel do.

Furthermore I would deplore anyone from endangering this site with slanderous posts lest we forget OJ Simpson WAS innocent, he also had legal representation from Johnny Cochrane whereas the other mob had the duty state prosecutor! ;)
I know one, but not the other and happen to think the chap to be an absolute cubnut. However I think it is wrong to use this forum especially mentioning names (thought the idea here was never to do that) to start trying to attack individuals. I appreciate the fact that you are, having a go at the court martial system, but really, no names. The boy could be guilty as sin then slate him but do it in a covert fashion so those that are in the know understand and those who don’t won’t need to.

Besides like I said I know one of them and he hits like a girl so it could be more embarrassing for the other fellow to have been caused an injury by the ponce.  

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