Capt Norton GC and the HC Irregulars!

I've just got off the 'phone with the council (Brenda Rogers) and have confirmed the following:

~ The building will be open for disabled access from 1800 (confirmed with Security).
~ For space and H&S reasons, she can't guarantee that all wheelchair users will be able to sit in the Council Chamber, so some may need to go to the canteen.
~ Disabled loos are just outside the Council Chamber.

I believe that I have transport for everyone who needs to get from HC to Dorking and back again and will be collecting real names and car reg details for the HC guardroom.

Anything I've missed? :crazy:

I'll let you know in this thread and by phone once I've got confirmed names/numbers/qty of associated ironmongery etc for the HC Irregs.


Am in the process of collecting names of drivers and car details of ARRSE's Finest Taxi Service and I'll PM them to you with a heads-up in here.

I've told the drivers that we need to RV at HC somewhere between 1700-1730 to make sure we've plenty of time to load up and get on the road.
Copy of PM to Dozy for info of those needing to get to Headley Court this evening:

DozyBint wrote:

I know that HC is well sign-posted as I had a drive around the area at the weekend, but is there only one gate, just in case anyone finds one where we're not expected?!

Ros, only one main entrance. If you approach from the A24 turning, along Headley Road, you will see a playing field & car park on RHS (southern side), with a large Gate on LHS (northern side).

Continue for 50m, straight over a mini-rounadout at junc with 'The Drive' (off to RHS) and entrance is 25m ahead on LHS.

Link below to multimap shows location.|KT186JW