Capt Mark Phillips - Grade A Pilloc

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by billybongo, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Is he the only pilloc to still use his rank decades after leaving the Army? Just listening to him on R4 and wondering why on earth he uses a buckshee rank years after he left the forces.
  2. Something to do with Horses.
  3. [h=3]pil·lock[/h]/ˈpilək/
    A stupid person e.g. a person who can't spell PILLOCK.
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  4. Meh. He's not harming anyone is he? The Royal connection gives it some credibility unlike a certain R Sigs Major (retd) I know in Civvy Street who, to this day, practices foot drill in front of bemused co-workers.
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  5. What's the ultimate harm in using your old rank?

    Badger_Heed (LCpl Retd)
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  6. Or, perhaps, an individual who is stupid enough to place himself on a pedestal when he is not perfect.
  7. Every time Eric Joyce is in court, he's always referred to as "former Army Major ..."
  8. No harm done at all as far as I can establish.
  9. Exactly, works for this chap
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  10. No, you hit naughty moose!
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  11. Does he use the rank or does the media always describe him that way?

    Does he introduce himself (not that he would deign to talk to plebs like you of course)as Captain?
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  12. Acting LCpl Retd. 50th* Mess Tin Repair Unit (V), Top Rivet Replacement Company, Technician 4th class.

    But he retired on an RSMs pension (Thanks to identity fraud)

    (*Failed selection for 49 PARA Mess Tin Repair Unit)
  13. FHA

    FHA LE

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  14. I own a dinghy I suppose that make me a Captain as well.
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  15. I thought you had to be Major or higher to hold an honorary rank?