Capt Kevin Ivison to recieve George Medal

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BigRed, Sep 8, 2006.

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  1. Having just read that ATO to recieve Goerge Medal for difusing bomb in sandier climes after two colleagues killed by separate device in same area got to say Much Respect. I know in that lovely tunnel vision, quiet world of red wire blue wire dilemmas I'd be hard pressed to keep hands steady.

    Well deserved to him, the 63 other medal recipients and condolences to the family and friends of the other two not so fortunate.
  2. I too have read that and my god, what a guy!
  3. Yes, congratulations to him (and the other two - QGM & QCVS for related work) 8)

    I'd love to tell you that, as his Tp SSgt, I taught him everything he knows...... I would, of course, be talking bollox! :oops:
  4. Good effort my Son! As one who taught you, I'm highly chuffed!!!
  5. Was he ex ULOTC? Heard his name before?
  6. Yes, nice one all of you, well done - enjoy your day at the palace! :D Another QGM to a former member of Tidworth (medals) Tp! 8)

    Hmmmmm 8O, unless he went into the classic car restoration business!
  7. I find it hard to relate the slagging off that AT's frequently get compared to the number of awards for bravery they earn! they are truly special and the wider Crops should be eternally proud to have such high calibre Officersand Soldiers wearing the same capbadge as mere drivers and storemen.

    I salute you in port, Sir.
  8. Most are 'special' as in 'Special School' :)
  9. Kevin well done. Enjoy the day at Buck House. Yet again in the finest traditions of the Army we prove we are the best in the world. I salute you and will toast you at our next dining in night.
  10. A selfless task well rewarded. Many congrats and may your courage inspire many.
  11. Congrats to the man, having had the pleasure of sharing the EOD house at Abu Naji with him, his heart is in the right place. I just wish that we could wind back time and bring the two lads back............
  12. A man of the highest integrity and bravery! Well done Sir.