Capt John Crowe VC

The local news here in the south-east have just run a piece on the unveiling of a plaque in Belgium commemorating Capt John Crowe VC. Capt Crowe, serving with 2nd Bn Worcestershire Regt, was decorated by King George V following the battle of Nueve Eglise on 14th April 1918. His connection with this part of the world is that he was a pre-war member of Dover Rifle Club. Current club members arranged for the unveiling of the plaque in the village, now known as Nieuwkerke, close to were Capt Crowe led a charge that eliminated positions from which German machine guns were firing and interrupting the Bn's communications with the rear. This is apparently the first memorial erected to Capt Crowe.


BBC News - Dover WWI hero and VC winner is honoured in Belgium

Worcestershire Regiment(29th/36th of Foot) Web site
Sadly yet another one I knew nothing about.
I wonder how the family really felt,actually walking on the same ground where the story unfolded?
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