Capt Dan Wright - RIP

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Hobgoblin, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. Hobgoblin

    Hobgoblin Old-Salt

    Those that knew Dan will be devastated to hear that he tragically died when a military static line parachute jump went wrong yesterday. This was his first ever static line jump. His main chute failed to open correctly and although he cut it away and, I beleive, managed to deploy his reserve it was too late to slow him down.

    Our thoughts are with his family and his girlfriend - they must be devastated.

  2. Krettin

    Krettin Clanker

    As many journalists use ARRSE as a source of military information and comment for many of their articles you should know you have now identified not only him but may provide enough information to lead the media to his family as well.

    Well done
  3. pegasus797

    pegasus797 War Hero

    RIP, fallen, not forgotten.
  4. oh_bug.ger

    oh_bug.ger Old-Salt

  5. Absolutely terrible news. A very very cruel irony - working so hard for so long just to be cut down at his prime.

    RIP fella.
  6. Rest in Peace. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this painful time.
  7. Sheephelmet

    Sheephelmet Swinger

    RIP fella
  8. Custard_Pie

    Custard_Pie Swinger

    Top Man. RIP mate.
  9. :cry: RIP. Not forgotten.
  10. RIP, my thought are with his family, friends and colleagues
  11. MSI64

    MSI64 LE

    Just looked on this Forum
    My condolences to his family,
  12. MrPVRd

    MrPVRd LE

    Very sad news. RIP.
  13. My condolences too. My teams (Mansfield)goalkeeping coach died yesterday after a heartattack on the pitch in the knockup, right in front of the crowd. Terrible. It just brings it back to you that death reaches out at times. My sympathies to Capt Wrights family
  14. happyhammer

    happyhammer War Hero

    A good egg and no better advertisement for the corp of what young officers should strive to be.

    RIP :(
  15. tazman

    tazman Old-Salt

    RIP Dan never forgotten