Caprice Who?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Myss, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. Well done that PC :D Although back at the station, he'll probably be lambasted with pisstakes of not taking advantage of the situation, I hate it when people use the 'don't-you-know' line especially they're worthless reality-celebrity sh1te. And especially if they're over the limit when they know better (and have to the money to afford a cab/lift/etc)

  2. The biggest laugh was when in court he said he found a thin (or similar) female in the driving seat.....
  3. She's no spring chicken in the Mail's photo

    Also - Caprice was a film star in the 50s/60s, and looked like a woman, not like Mick Jagger's ugly brother.
  4. The trouble is that her lawyer is Nick Freeman - an oxygen thief who specialises in getting celebs off of driving offences, not through proving them innocent, but by exposing the incorrect procedures of the police.

    I believe his argument this time is that she was showing no outward signs of having consumed excess alcohol, except for having alcohol halitosis - which the constables would not have noticed until they pulled her over.

    The fact that they pulled her over & then she failed a breath test would suggest that they made the right decision, regardless of what that arrsewipe claims.
  5. ^^^ I've heard of Nick Freeman as well. It's disgusting the way he defends his clients (yes, I know its his job but it doesn't stop him being a blood sucking leech). I hope that when one of his "guilty" clients wipes out a load of school kids whilst driving, when they should be banned, that he feels proud of himself. Somehow I doubt it as being a lawyer he has already sold his soul to the big red one!
  6. Thats a rubbish argument for him to use as she was originally stopped for a tail light out.

    'I could see a white female of scrawny build with bare shoulders in her late 30s wearing heavy make-up and she had a reddened spot in the right centre of her cheek.' :lol:
  7. Met her early one morning in Rome last year. She was ugly as sin with trout lips. I have a photo of her from a party where she is astride a mate's shoulders in a swimming pool - nice plastic tits :). She doesn't like me: I told her when I had a really bad hangover (having recently chundered up my breakfast) that she looked as rough as I felt.

    And she is a shite driver to boot!
  8. And her lost her appeal, as per BBC News

    But the judge has some strange views on alcohol ...

    A great deal of wine indeed. I had two bottles in two hours and got stopped for speeding half an hour later. Had to get out of the car and walk to layby with plod, but not breathalysed (and not drunk IMHO). She got stopped because she was a sh1te driver, but you can't be done for that (see other thread) so they go for anything else.
  9. I love the part that claims she only failed the breath test because she was taking medication for a bladder infection.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    She was clearly taking the piss then.
  11. What a bizarre loophole that a driving ban in a British court does not translate to the EU. Firstly, does that mean our roads are full of banned EU drivers? But also, don't you drive on the basis of your UK/EU licence when abroad?
  12. I agree. A 'drink driver' should be banned from driving in any country. Thats the most bizarre law going. Knowing her Z list status, she probably went abroad and drove dliberately just to get in the press.

  13. She should have rolled up a trouser leg, exposed her left breast and claimed to be on the way to a lodge meeting - would have got off scot-free! :wink:
  14. Don't join the ranks of the ignorant YD