Cappuccino with an extra shot

I love the way the Sun reports the news...f*cking trash shoite!

"TONY Blair’s blundering bodyguard left a deadly loaded pistol in full view of coffee shop customers and their children.

The semi-automatic Glock 17 remained on the floor of the Starbucks cafe’s only toilet for nearly 20 minutes.

The bodyguard, a girl cop who is the former PM’s close protection officer, left it there after spending a penny while on duty.

It was eventually found by a horrified Starbucks employee, who called 999."
Ulster_Rifleman said:
Why was she in the unisex disabled bog?
Because they are far more comfortable and luxurious than standard heads. Lock the door behind you and you have the entire lavvy to yourself, advantages include:

1. Plenty of room to stretch your legs as your ricker is strained to the very limit by a steaming great brown trout.
2. Grab handles either side of the chodbin, in case you need extra leverage.
3. You can even piss in the sink without anyone giving you a funny look.
4. There will be no ethnic gentleman asking if you would like to "freshen up for da punani".
5. You can have a thrap without fear of being disturbed.
6. Less likely to have seen immediate prior action, so you don't have to breathe in the fumes of someone elses dump.

That is all.

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