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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by big_yellow_digger, Sep 1, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone else been asked not to come in on simple comms/maint weekends simply because they have run out of days?

    We're only into the 2nd 1/4 of the financial year and already I've been stopped doing my job!

    Like many regiments recruitment and retention is Paramount. At the minute, I'm the only capable bloke of running Reebok and lets face it a 4 tonner full of gadgets with a satellite dish if way more interesting than a bunch of old radios! However, as I've been capped off at 107 days I've been told that Reebok can't go out as I can't go with it cos I'm out of days!

    Anyone else having problems?
  2. Blasphemy :!: :!:
  3. Live in the now old school man! Young people don't want to sit in the middle of nowhere winding up a radio.

    Also, the 4th emergency service derived from the new kit. How can we provided a service with radios?
  4. Given that a normal 9-5 worker does about 220 day per annum in their civvy job, how exactly is it possible to do 107 days in the first 8 months of the year in the TA? I've done 44 so far, and that's taken up a considerable chunk of my time. That said, I haven't taken any time off work for TA yet, it's all been on weekends or evenings.
  5. I worked up at the Regt full time. I managed 235 days last year and I was working there this year until I got capped off!
  6. 44 lightweight, 45 1/2 !
  7. Don't they! Nothing beats a radio strapped into a bergan, a long tab and the rain!!
  8. You can keep the tabbing. Radio or two, nice 9 x 9, kero heater, camp cot and Bob's your uncle and possibly your dad too. Doesn't matter if it's raining or such like then except at mast time.

    TN's have got to be loved.

  9. You do not say who has told you not to come in whether it's a PSI, PSAO etc but you should speak to your OC about this.

    In general terms it is Comd 2 Sig Bde's very clear directive (read Order) to CO's that soldiers are not to be prevented from training. When they get to 70 days authority is obtained from Brigade to do more, up to 117 and after 117 authority is then given up to 150. To date Brigade has NEVER refused it.

    If you are doing 117+ however and the majority is working day activities at your unit then your unit has to justify exactly why and what you are specifically doing. It also has to explain why you are being employed and why the work can not be carried out by existing staff (if the unit is gapped and you are doing an essential job then there is FTRS or ADC or Temp situations they should be exploring not using MTDs). In addition they must explain why they need you to do the job if the other units that have Reebok do not need to employ someone. Again, to date, the Brigade has issued no direction yet to stop someone being employed in teh manner that you are - but your unit must justify it.

    You will find that it is your units decision. When 220 represents full time (excluding leave, BH's etc) what you are doing equates to almost full time work. A lot of scruitney into MTD usage occurred last year as a result.

    I have to echo the comments already made about the fact that after month 5 you have done 107 days - Given that that is probably up to July's pay statement you did 107 days of 122 - less than 1 day off each week. There is a H&S issue there under duty of care and a whole load of employment issues.

    At the end of the day the TA is not meant to be a full time job. If you are using it as such then you need to get your unit to investigate one of teh temporary options to give you proper rather than ah-hoc employment.

    That all said, whatever the situation your unit should not be preventing you attending programmed TA training sessions - either evenings, weekends (regardless of what they are) or camps/courses. If they are then the Bde's wrath will be forthcoming. As far as working days are concerned that is a very different matter.

    I have PM'd you. If you are being prevented from attending programmed sessions then let me know and i will see if I can help. If it is day time stuff then you will need to make your case with your unit I'm afraid.

  10. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!
  11. I understand what you're saying and we thought last year that they were investigating the option of FTRS but this happened: Regular Posts Not Supporting The TA

    We had a open topic discussion about recruiting and who had what ideas. Obviously I came up with the lets show them the good kit idea and I'd be fully prepared to go out with it but the answer we got when it was put up to the PSAO/OC was that I don't have enough training days left to do the exercises they want me to and to go out with the good kit!
  12. I need to be careful in what i say as every case is different and I do not know the specifics of the other side. Currently even at 107 days I can not see any reason why

    (a) you will not be allocated sufficient MTDs to attend ALL programmed training you want to

    (b) you can not take the kit out for recruiting effort

    Both reflect your Bde Comds main areas of concern - retention through training and recruiting. Both would be more than sufficient justifications for bde to authorise you more MTDs. Other day time activities (eg. Maintenance, driving, stores runs etc) are unlikely to be I'm afraid, unless there is good justification.

    On the other matter, I would suggest a formal letter to your OC explaining why you think that an FTRS or temp civ job should be established would be a good course of action - and saying you would be happy to apply for it. If you put it in writing then they must consider and respond. If they don't get back to you then you can formally make your case higher as a result! Remember operational imperative, readiness and 'the component' are the key bits!
  13. Continuity. Not having to send PSI's on courses, when the current one gets posted.
  14. How true you are!

    The new PSI arrives in a month and has a 2 week hand over-take over! Considering that the new PSI, who we've spoken to has no idea what reebok is let alone what it does or how I'm guessing that the TA I.E. Me and a select few others will have to carry him around for a while until he finds his feet.
  15. Like everyone else that works up at the TAC full time, they let you get used to it then the next year fcuk you off at the high port.... youve seen it happen yourself big yellow truck, after all you took over from the others that got fcuked off before you, no lessons learnt here then, try to brief the next guy yourself, oh and turn the lights off on the way old chap..!!!!