Capitalism-Pakistan style

Investors broke windows today in Karachi, threw plant holders in the parking lot of the building, burned shareholder statements and at least one protester was injured, prompting intervention by police and the paramilitary. Investors also protested outside the Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges, Geo Television reported.

``We demand that all stock prices be frozen at current levels,'' said Kauser Javed, who heads the Small Investors Association. ``People have sold their assets in the last 15 days to meet payments and if things continue this way, you will start hearing of suicides. The regulators always favor big brokers and investors.''
:lol: :lol: :lol:

He obviously fell asleep in Economics 101!
Hell, I lost £230 on the stock market last year. Does this mean I get to go down to the LSE and give them a good kicking? :)
One's heart bleeds purple pizz.
I don't think I am wrong in saying the FTSE is now lower then it was 10 years ago,Ta Gorden.

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