Capital Radio and the RBL Poppy Appeal



Whilst listening to Johny Vaughan on Capital Radio this morning, he went into a mild rant about lack of Poppies, and lack of publicity surrounding this years Poppy appeal. He also mentioned this......If you are struggling to find a Poppy seller this year, Capital Radio have set up the following :

Send a text message with only the word : POPPY
Number :85552
This text will cost you £1.50
You will then receive a Poppy back as a screensaver for your mobile.
Oh yes, ALL of the £1.50 will be donated to the RBL Poppy Appeal !!

The RBL say they had 10 times more calls yesterday alone then they usually receive on a normal day !!

So, if you are struggling to get a Poppy give this a whirl

Done, poppy now on mobile :D
I did it this morning, heard him also, on the way to work. Poppy on my phone, and shown on my "iPhone" video on you tube also :)


Always a problem getting poppies in the city, I now work in the sticks and every shop sells them. In fact you look out of place without one, in double fact you look out of place if ethnic but I dont think that has too much bearing on sales. I struggled for 2 years to get Metronet HQ to sell them in their foyer, I resorted to getting them from the Guardsmen at Victoria but then only very close to the weekend.


me too!

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