Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by phlebas, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Does anybody work for them and do they have a reserve forces policy in their HR guidelines?

    Thinking of changing jobs and I was wondering if anybody has any experience of working for them while being in the TA, were they OK with it and if there were any problems regarding going back to work after deployment etc.

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. My son worked for them and no longer does. The were known by the work force as CRAPITA.

    He would not recommend them as an employer.
  4. One of our WOs works for them IIRC. Hes a very regular attender and been working for them for years, not sure if there is a policy though, but he doesn't seen to have a drama. He also does a lot of RTC work as well.

    I'll ask next week if you want
  5. Nothing on the website, but I've sent a similar enquiry to them.

    Yeah, I've heard that, lots of different divisions though.

    Please do, cheers.
  6. Unpaid leave used to be the Crapita approach - all wrapped in "with department manager's approval". Not sure what their policy is these days.

    For the OP - why not just ask them if they have any experience of deployed pers?

    I know several who have worked within the company - with varying experiences of employer support, pre and post mobilisation. All have left over the last three years, for different reasons, and with different degrees of employer support. The comments in this thread would seem to bear out some of the anecdotes.
  7. Which part of Capita will you be working for? I've done a few bits and bobs with them. They pay badly and seem to be like a bunch of faceless bureaucrats.
  8. Capita Hartshead in Sheffield have my CV for an IT job. Not got to the interview stage yet. I've heard that as well, they're practically a semi-state firm they have that many government contracts, so it's hardly surprising.

    ABrighter2006, thanks for the info, not sure about asking about deployed personnel in the interview.

    The various anecdotes I've heard about Capita before, but my current employer is pretty poor, hence my application to work for the dark side.

    As they're such a big firm, I wanted to find out if anyone had any experience with them, and if they had a group wide reservist policy, as I don't want to get shafted when I come back from deployment. I think my current firm will shaft me, as the managers are cnuts.
  9. I used to work in the TV Licensing branch of them, dark horrible time that was :(
  10. I have no evidence to back up the following, but I'd imagine Capita to do whatever was best for them and they would take all legal measures to protect their own business interests. However, when you are sat down in front of their HR people in the interview, ask them exactly what their policy is and run a few scenarios past them. See what they say.
  11. I will, if I see any HR people. IT interviews tend to be done by techies and techie managers, it's rare that a HR person is present.

    I will mention the fact that I'm in the TA though, in case they get annoyed later.
  12. I used to work for the Consulting Division. Nice people, smart as a barrel full of monkies, Theory Y attitude to work and interesting work to boot. Left to go entrepreneuring(?) and was sorry to part.

    As for TA I was allowed to take two weeks extra leave but had to pay back any difference (to my benefit) in TA earnings. This did not apply to me so bad-a-boom, bad-a-bing...

    Most people who worked for Capita that I met were very switched on and understood that the profit was what drove the business, their remuneration and their bonuses. This was something which may have come as a shock to ex-forces employees suffering expectation dislocation! It may also have rankled with those in the "arms and legs" part of the business who got paid peanuts to do monkey work. however if you are offering peanuts, then monkies apply...well that is not Capita's fault, now is it?
  13. Well, currently I'm using up holidays for training, getting unpaid leave would be OK. Doubt if my current lot would be amenable to that.

    Also, I may just stick it out at my current job, as I'd like to do a tour when I'm fully trained, then perhaps go full-time with the Int Corps, either regular if I can get around the age issue, or maybe full-time reserve. Not going to get paid anything like as much dosh, but it's a lot more interesting.
  14. someone not a million miles from this post works for them
    even though their profits are going up (they sent out a boasting email to staff last week), capita are making redundies (last month it was middle management being trimmed, currently its 1/3 of the IT staff are to go at an unspecified location also very near this post). More and more of the workload is being punted to mumbai callcentre and business costs are being relentlessly slimmed down to increase profit.
  15. I know somone who worked in their Call Center In Sheffield and she fecking hated it, a who you know type of place apparently. When I was due to get made redundant along with the rest of my department they e-mailed us offering work - no-one took it up because of their rep, they all went to work for the DWP and Enviroment Agency instead.