CAPITA are they as bad as all that.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BuggerAll, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Good CO has just locked a thread that was turning into a CAPITA bashing thread.

    My q is are CAPITA as bad a all that? Private Eye used to call them CRAPITA when they were screwing up any number of Defence and other profitable Govt contracts but surely that's all in the past.

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  2. Yes.
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  3. Between Jan and March, we generated 65 expressions of interest which were handed over to capita to process. Since then, I have had 3 individuals attested, of which 2 were ex regulars and didn’t come through us as an expression of interest. At the moment, it is an utter failure.

    However, I’m certain that this will be changed in the medium term, but wonder how much units will hurt in the mean time. As an aside, it is quoted in a recruiting paper that it is Capitas target to attest someone within 120 days from expressing an interest in joining the AR. When I joined, it took me 3 weeks, but that was back in the old drinking club days.
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  4. Currently going through recruitment with them, I submitted my application and after waiting 2 months to hear anything back I spoke to someone there (had to ask on here for the number as they don't advertise it) and was told "oh, your application hadn't been transferred across, I'll do that now for you", which was then followed a week or so later by an online self assessment medical form, then a further week later I get an email with a load of online aptitude tests and videos to watch featuring spelling mistakes and voice acting and graphics on the same level as the first Resident Evil game. Done all that and now a fortnight later I'm waiting for the next stage. They don't move quickly I know that much!
  5. It's Bureaucracy, you can't really fight the system. We use Capita at Revenue & Customs and they've got a shite reputation here as well for either being clueless or just leaving you in the dark whenever they get involved. Come to think of it, the Revenue also has a shite reputation, we both take weeks to respond to letters after chasing it up with several phone calls ;-P

    Personally i don't think Capita have been that bad, i applied at the start of March and i've got Selection in a few weeks; i half expected it to take this long when i first read the new recruiting system was all arse for tits. I've been able to get hold of the Candidate Support Manager any time i needed to but from the recruitment section it seems a fair few have had trouble getting their applications moving.
  6. Capita are modern, faceless, private sector bureaucracy. This means they will negotiate easy to reach SLA's then fail to meet them but not give a flying eff because they know they'll not be held accountable. This is mainly because they've slipped in loads of disclaimers in the paperwork that they're very good at generating.

    Nobody is allowed to speak out, although their 'mission statement' will have lots of cuddly word in it, anyone who steps out of line will be jumped on in a corporate non violent way. Disagree with the management and you're out on your arse. They throw threats around with gay abandon, disguising them as advice and ideas.

    Other than that, I think they're a grand bunch.
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  7. It would have been less wear and tear on your keyboard to have just typed, "They're a useless bunch of corporate wankers." A very good description of a private firm working in the public sector though, describes the shower of shit I work for down to a "T".
  8. Capita are every bit as good at their jobs as the person posting using their appointed "Army Jobs" account on here.
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  9. I've never met a recruitment consultant who wasn't an utter cunt. The nature of the job puts them on a power kick.
  10. The complete and utterly breathtaking arrogance which has defined Capita's approach to their slice of the 'partnering' arrangement with RG has never been more apparent than their corporate input into this thread which you chose to close down. I'm also mildly amused by the 'qualified answer' bit; although I suspect you're saying that the responses from 'Army Jobs' are more likely to comply with the Big Book of Recruiting - aka Capita's version of why the old system was all wrong and the new one is just about as good as it gets.

    From the outset our corporate friends looked upon the (admittedly slightly bloated and creaky) army recruiting organisation with contempt and lofty dismissal. They knew it all - all they needed was some low level understanding of army pipeline process and they were away. But the theory and practice are never quite the same; here we are, nearly 14 weeks in, undershooting targets left, right and chelsea. In anyone's books this is an almighty cluster and the weasel-words brigade have now mustered. 'Compromised IOC' is a phrase now doing the rounds - I don't know what that is supposed to mean, but when uttered by a Capita apparatchik it starts to smell of 'not our fault chief, blame the authority for rushing us'.

    The real, crying pity is that the recruiting operation is now beginning to go backwards and use the tried and trusted methods of old - AFCO 4s anyone? And, in the meantime, applicants are being royally mucked about, TA units are actually losing strength and Ph1 Training is running in second gear. This isn't going to get better anytime soon either.

    Schadenfreude - it's for winners.
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  11. Capita makes a hash of a public contract but trouser their fee anyway? Surely nobody could possibly have foreseen such a thing.
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  12. Sounds very much like where I work. Less the bit about advice and ideas.
  13. Only when you are no longer a civvy cunt do you get to call civvy cunts "civvy cunts". Shitcunt.
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