Capello Resigns


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And can I find a betting site that'll give me odds on Redknapp? Can I buggery.
Another bleeding furriner with no job to support!


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Ah, a footballer...... so what?
Aye. Imagine placing a post about the most popular sport in the country in the sports section eh?

Don't you feel a fool Guru?
The cynic in me has the feeling that he jumped because in reality the team is crap, will continue to be crap, and will prove it at the next championship. Then some bright spark will ask where the hell was the 6 million pound investment gone to??????
He saw an exit opportunity and grabbed it before another abject England tournament performance ruined his coaching CV.
Levy is a canny operator and there are rumours of lots of money floating about for the stadium/sponsorship deal - He might move the wage limit, which is the current stumbling block at Spurs, quite a bit.

I personally want 'Arry to stay. I love how we're playing (life long Spud here) and Mourinho would change that - but there's no doubt he would have the ability to attract top players if he had funds.

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