Capello Resigns as England Manger

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by geezer466, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. BBC Sport - Capello quits as England manager

    Looks like Capello and the Decision makers at the FA have not been able to reach a compromise position on the removal of Terry as England Captain..

    Political Correctness gone mad!!! How can a person charged before a court of law suffer disadvantage before that court has reached a verdict?

    Would Terry still have been removed he had been charged with drunk driving or fraud, before a court had reached a verdict?
  2. Nice article in the back of the Times today about how it was a massive error of judgement to defer the trial- makes footballers think they're above the law when the beautiful game takes precedence over due process- and if that happened, none of this would be a problem.

    Attacking the other end of the problem, Terry should've been booted as soon as he slept with his team mates' wife. He's a national representative, and it's totally unacceptable for respectable English people to be embarrassed by their sporting figurehead. Capello should've been kicked out for publicly criticizing the FA, especially on ITALIAN telly anyway- loyalty goes in all directions, and it's not like he isn't paid enough by the FA to not keep his wretched mouth shut.

    In short, I cannot disagree with you more. All I see is a football team that is in the newspapers for something other than football, and as soon as that happens, the source of that should be removed, and the situation put behind us PDQ.
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  3. His tenure hasn't been a happy one, he hasn't added any silver, however he was trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.
    FA need a root & branch overhaul to achieve anything ever again. Could start by just binning the England/Scotland/Wales/NI team and having team GB.

  4. Word on the street was that JT did sleep with the 'ex' missus of a team mate, I say again ex in, they weren't together/no longer dating/living with eachother, when JT Biffed her.
  5. Anybody in support of Harry Redknap? This evenings news broadcasters talked it up.
  6. Terry biffed Wayne bridge's ex-gf, not ex-wife, and the ex-status was current at the time. Bad form, just the same.

    I don't think he resigned over the Terry thing per se, but rather that he wasn't properly consulted about it. As a former manager myself, I'd have been pissed off at being left out of a decision like that.

    Forza Fabio!
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  7. So the only person really pissed off was Mrs JT then?

    Yes he should have been shown the door at this point but he wasn't and they did re-instate him. UK Law is based on the fundamental principle of any person being innocent until such time as they are proved guilty. JT has been very publicly removed by his employers with the national team.

    What are the jury on the day of the trial supposed to think. Yes innocent until proved guilty but then why did his employer sack him from the Captaincy? **** it he must be guilty then.

    This is the real kicker, the fact that the FA have made a decision with political correctness at its very core without recourse to the fundamental principles of the law. On the other hand JT if found guilty already has an automatic line of appeal in which his trail was unfair.
    Capello recognised this, clearly he has a better understanding of the law than the fuckwits at the FA. they clearly wouldn't come round to his way of thinking to he told them to poke their job.
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  8. Did you just make that up?

    Yes thats right instead of standing up for those who work for him, he should have just toed the party line like a real leader would.
  9. Why? His job is to play football, the only people who give a shit about his private life are those in his private life and sad ******* who get outraged over the tabloids outrage.
  10. I just been reading his acheivements on wiki.
    Harry Redknapp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Although I think he is a decent manager, The best he has ever done is win the FA cup and intertoto cup once and topped the lower leagues
    Compare that to Cappello or even Eriksson past acheivements and he's not even close (Yet)
  11. Hardly the example to instil team confidence and leadership though is it. With high honour (being appointed England Captain) comes great responsibility, if you are going to biff all and sundry then don't get caught.
  12. All he has to do is put the ball in the back of net (or set up those who can). He plays with a bunch of very rich blokes, some of whom would **** the crack of dawn, him poking the ex girlfriend of a team mate probably didnt even register with his teammates.

    Do you think if Rooney scores the winning goal in the European cup final, the public and his teammates will bring up him shagging a granny whore? Or will he be the hero of England?

    All I want from footballers is for them to win, I don't need to know what they get up to in private.
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  13. Anyone find it a bit strange that Harry (who's name is in the frame for the England jobbie) manages to get acquitted and stays out of jail to be available on the same day that the England manager resigns - now if I was the suspicious type.....
  14. That would be fine, if it was private, but it isn't- it's an international laughing stock. And that's my beef. I don't pay much attention to national football, not least because I think they're a bunch of over-paid, under-loyal, under-achieving... enough said I think. However, all I really get from Terry is that he couldn't keep it in his pants around his team mates' WAGs, he did something involving an own goal, and he hasn't won anything (It's fairly embarrassing the England team couldn't even qualify for the European championships). And then... he makes a racist comment. Nothing in any of that (apart from the losing part) involves football.
  15. Fabio Capello walks into a bar.

    Sorry, I mean 'job centre'.