Capel Curig Training Camp

Discussion in 'ACF' started by clanker, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. I am off to Capel Curig Training Camp this weekend for some AT stuff just wondered if anyone else had been and what is like!
  2. I went there as a junior leader and I live about 20 mins drive from there now. It's a small camp, with hangar like barracks in the middle of the woods.

    Closest town is Betws Y Coed (About 2-3 miles away) and is a nice little town with waterfalls and surrounded by hills. (There is no nightlife to speak of as such) You will no doubt do orienteering around the area and some water stuff either at bala or Plas Y Brenin and you may even end up walking snowdon or other hills.

    I'm biased but I've lived in North Wales for most of my life and if you like the outdoors then this is the place I'd recommend / Hope you have a good time!
  3. I stayed there about 15 years ago as a cadet, but we camped by a lake which we canoed on. We were there for a few days and went up Tryfan as well as Snowdon. It was glorious weather and we had a great time!
  4. I've been there twice now for AT and the night life's not bad for a small area! If it's only the weekend your there you've missed out on the karaoke nights in Betws-Y-Coed but if you go into the village and ask behind the bar or at the local spar shop they may know of a charity band night or something that's going on. If you don't fancy going into town there's quieter pubs- one that's on your left as you drive towards Betws(it's got a youth hostel there as well) and thre's a nice one about 1-2 miles as you turn left out of Capel Curig camp (they've got a good selection of games and the foods good!).

    Also on camp, there's a TV room, which has in it; a tea/coffee/hot choc machine, a chocolate and crisps vendor, a TV with video I think but possibly a DVD player and a cold drinks machine(cans I think). Pus plenty of chairs!

    Thre's also an outdoor volleyball court, a football pitch and a mini trim trail (around the edge of the area where they've put the football pitch).

    Also the foods good in the cookhouse on camp! The chefs even do rolls as well as handing out those awful sausage rolls and pasties. So you've got a choice before you head off for a fun day of activities. Although I recommend taking cash if you get a chance to stop and grab your own stuff.

    Good luck! Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Yep we will be climbing up the hill! Its a weekend of walking / kayaking so should be good! Thanks for your help chaps and chapesses!
  6. i did a kayak foundation course up there about a year ago, and the camps not that big, but if your there for at you'll probably spend most of the time out of the camp, in the evenings we just went to the pub up the road from the camp, its got a pool room with darts and stuff and the food was good.

    we used the lake up through lanberis pass for kayaking and for lunch make your way to 'petes eats' for chip butties.

    but remember the water is Cold!!!!!!
  7. Good advice , thanks a lot!
  8. #
    Thanks you were spot on with your advice, a great weekend was had by all
    ascended the Glyders and the Devils Kitchen, hard work!
    Petes Eats at Llanberis was also top notch!
    Thanks foe your help all concerned.
  9. Glad you enjoyed your trip!