Cape Wrath

Discussion in 'Travel' started by flowers, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Morning folks!

    The ever fragrant .Dolly and I were thinking about doing a bit of a bimble around Cape Wrath but since we're shandy-drinking-southerners, we'd really appreciate a bit of advice and knowledge as to what's best to have a crack at up there.

    Bearing in mind we're game girls and a bit more well equipped than MDN with his yellow pac-a-mac and pack up from his Mum, so should be grand for a crack at some exciting stuff.

    Anyone done a trail walk, or wild camp in that area? Can you recommend any top places to kip etc etc

    Mucho gracias :-D
  2. Garvie Island - it's a blast.
  3. try bettyhill its a small village on the north coast and its good for a drink at the weekend
  4. Its a Shite to get too on foot but there is a mini bus service from Durnes,or there was two years ago. its in the bombing range so you have to check for info. it is also midge hell in the summer, theres no petrol stations for bleeding miles, there a sign at Thurso saying that the next fuel is somthing like 150 miles away, but the place is beutifull as is the rest of Western Scotland. I spent 5 weeks up there with five other camper vans and it was a realy great time but I can carry 2 1/2 tons of kit,water,beer,food ect
  5. And a really beutifull beach
  6. Fecking hell, tropper, you have five camper vans? That's better than your usual two sheds ;)
  7. OTHER camper vans, we had met up at Colloden moor, and travelled up to the Orkney Islands,for a week and then down the West Coast taking it really slow and chilling out on some of the beaches , went up in the last week of March got back to meet up with another group of friends at Stratford on Avon race course in the second week of May, then to West Wales untill October
  8. Theres no vehicular access whatsoever, to Cape Wrath. The two minibuses are taken across at the beginning of the season, on a raft, and brought back the same way. The ferry is a 12ft fishing boat which takes foot passengers only.
    The ferry service is also completely dependant on fair weather and favourable tides. It only operates during the summer, and even then is unreliable.
    Your best bet is to head North from Kinlochbervie.
  9. I'm sure I saw a station at Durness the last time I was there, or it could have been like most of the independents in the Highlands and gone under. If that is the case I feel sorry for the buggers in Durness having to drive to Thurso to refuel, by the time you got back home you would need another refill. :lol:

    Edit: If it's not too late might I also suggest a quick stop at Smoo cave too.
  10. It was in 07 we did that trip, and it was one of the warmest Springs on record, I dont think the weather would have been quit so nice this year
  11. There is a petrol station in Durness, it's opposite the main shop in the village.

    If you are going there soon try out the cape wrath challenge.

    Myself and a couple of mates did it last year. Google cape wrath challenge and everything you need to know will be there. This years challenge starts on the 17th may