Cape tours with RA in 70s

I went on a fantastic cape tour to germany with a bunch of lads (we were all schoolboys) in I think 73 to 45 med RA in Paderborn.
Did anyone else go on one of these?. I was from Yorkshire for many of the lads it was there first time away from home (not for me as I had been away from home many times with scout). For many the first time getting pissed, not please when you have 10 14yr old lads pissed and spewing everywhere, I think the Regs did it just for a laugh. First time to try Korn.
It was one of the reasons I joined (also failed o level)
Got to crew on F109 and other great things.

Anyone else around who went on one of these
Not to be pedantic but I think that they were named K.A.P.E. Tours (Keep the Army in the Public Eye).

We did one from BAOR to the UK once in the guise of a KAPE/rugby tour in the early 80s, it was much the same as you described but to the UK instead. Much ale was drunk, many matches were played and lost and much more ale was drunk. I have no idea if they still do them what with commitments elsewhere and such.

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