Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Rod924, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Having posted on a few memory lane threads on here (very insightful) it got me thinking about capbadges past and present....ok, more past tbh; praise be to sandbag

    Allyist - 17/21st and DERR
    Dullist- ACC

    Something to lift the gloom on a dark Wednesday, so what were yours, other than your own?
  2. doonhamer

    doonhamer Old-Salt

    liked ....Argyles
    disliked.....QLR or LI
  3. azimghur1990

    azimghur1990 Old-Salt

    pretty dull for me R.A.O.C then R.H.A

    small capbadge fettish i think.

    a few long forgotten ones here though
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  4. Tsk, tsk DH.

    It's Argyll's... biggest capbadge in the British Army.
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  5. doonhamer

    doonhamer Old-Salt

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  6. The design of the Non Combatant Corps capbadge wasn't exactly inspired

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  7. Slightly off topic. In your picture of Regimental Cap Badges of the British Army, why are the RAF cap badges shown? I know the RAF came from the RFC and the FAA, but surely the RAF was never British Army since it's inception in 1918.
  8. azimghur1990

    azimghur1990 Old-Salt

    As I did not design or print the cap badge poster so i would not know the answer to your question.
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  9. I don't see a RAF capbadge, but there are a couple that can easily be mistaken for it, given the size of the pic.
    No 5 is the nearest looking, I think. But it's The 2nd DG (Bays). Another that looks a bit RAFish is no113 which is the West Indies Regiment
  10. azimghur1990

    azimghur1990 Old-Salt

    my favourite cap badge is Fife andForfar Yeomanry
    now part of Queens Own Yeomanry
    least favourite is Kings Reg reminds me too much of boy scouts
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  11. azimghur1990

    azimghur1990 Old-Salt

    Number 32 looks like RAF officers badge ans 33 is RAF cap badge
  12. llech

    llech LE

    There can only be one!
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  13. Having scoured the pic as I though, thoroughly, I didn't see it until too late!! There's none so blind!!

    I think I came to the conclusion that they badges were in order of seniority, and didn't look there

    So I can't answer Legs very valid question of why they are on the poster but I suppose the positioning on the chart is due to their RE ancestry
  14. Troy

    Troy LE

    If this is the sort of thing that floats your boat, try doing an image search for Yeomanry badges. There's loads of old ones out there....
  15. Interesting poster, thanks

    Didn't realise that the Tank Corps/RTC/RTR didn't have their own cap badge until into the '20s.
    Also the B W (Barrack Warden) badge is a new one to me.