Capbadges That Aren't Gash

Where can I get a Royal Artillery capbadge that isn't made out of tin bloody foil. The bit that holds it in place on mine has decided to snap, where can I get a good solid one from fellas?
Isn't there a saying that the quality of the capbadge reflects the quality of the Regiment? If not, then there should be. :D
There are a few places. I'm surprised there isn't a Regimental kit shop for you that sells a better quality badge.

Try eBay, also try here If you don't see it on the web site e-mail them.
If you contact the PRI shop at Larkhill they sell some very nice Brass Cap Badges that will shine up nicely for £3.50 each. Bargin.

He is open from 1pm to 5pm weekdays.

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