Hey folks.

Just completed my first 6 weeks at harrogate and finally got our regimental headress. Just wanted to ask what have you done with the back of your capbadge as mine REALLY knacks my head. The bottom loop at the back has left a massive bruise on my head just with having it on for 45 mins on the parade square. The beret isn't too small for me either.
Cheers for any help.
Cut a Little hole in your head with a leatherman just about the size of the loop on the capbadge and just deep enough so it sit without pressing against your head, and hey presto no bruise!


short_pedestrian said:
If only eh! lol.
Change capbadge - the RTR one sites nice and square in the centre of ones forehead with no sharp edges. Plus you get something big and hard to sit on.
Ask to join a Guards Regiment and wear a Bearskin...... no badge to stick in your head.
To be honest I think you must be doing something wrong with the beret, never had a badge bruise my head, two options

1. re shape the beret

2. Go to the QM and ask for a new issue head, however this is option is the least unlikely as the Q wont give you anything, stores are for storing etc etc :)
I sewed mine on. That was in my unit tho, I,d never would of dared do that in training. Not when theres a fcuking nice brass plate that needs to be bulled up every bleedin night.

You have a funny shaped head obviously. Never heard of that one before. You could always hit it with a hammer. The loop not your head.
Try putting the securing pin in the other way round. As in closed end to the top, open end to the bottom. Then bend the open ends back on themselves. Only suggesting this as it might be the fat loop on the pin getting to you not the bottom loop of the Jimmy. Drama with this method is it's going to be a pain in the arse for you to keep bending the pin back everynight to polish your back plate.
The only thing I can think of is...

You know the band that runs around the edge of the beret on the bottom - make sure it is above your eye-brows... this makes the whole thing a bit looser....


Nick Carter
Got me thinking did this one, but I remember being issued with a cloth capbadge in Lisburn sometime around early 78. (No I didn't get a commission, they were general issue).
It was for wearing with the beret, you still had a metal one for the forage cap. Good point was it saved getting an imprint from the backplate on your swede when you smacked it on a bit of kit, bad point was getting one thrown up at you while you were bimbling around barracks from shortsighted chunkies, was never sure whether or not to return the salute and risk getting done for impersonating a rupert.
I remember one of the lads at 1 Div having an embroidered capbadge around 84/85 - he was the only one, having it from a previous unit. Used to drive the seniors mad, but they couldn't do anything about it (official issue etc).
Wasn't particularly impressed with it myself - looked 'dirty' all the time, as opposed to shiny.
..I remember someone in our block who was told he could "shape" his beret by soaking it and then shaping it to his head and letting it dry... only he put his on a hot radiator and it went and shrunk and went hard.

... try explaining "it just happened" to the QM...

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