Capbadge Credibilty

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MiracleBill, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. Is the Brig going to the first Scaley he can find and expect him to be an awesome communicator? Or is he going to be too busy asking why the Tech subspec can't get his poached eggs right?
  2. WTF are you on about?
  3. 'The Brig' will be too busy looking for a job with a leading name tag manufacturer won't he?
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  4. I can see why you didn't become a Signaller.
    Clue it's in the RS Forum so probably they've got a noob red tab with little or nil tech savvy mooching about.
  5. I'm a Scaley and I haven't got a clue what he's talking about either. It seems to be the season for random topics that no-one outside of the original poster actually understands on the Militant Vodafone board.
  6. or perhaps insisting on tucking his new PCS Jacket into his PCS trousers is affecting his sanity?

  7. Do you mean "Brig" in the Navy sense of the word. As in "chuck him in the Brig until he's sober"
  8. I prefer Fried Eggs with Fried Bread, personally.
  9. Scotsman walt
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  10. I keep hearing that every member of the Corps needs capbadge credibility i.e. can operate a radio convincingly.

    The poached eggs bit was a play on expecting all Loggies to be chefs.

    Either way, I wouldn't know one end of a radio from another.

    Still up, in but no name tag (or badges)
  11. Don't get why this is such a problem...

    Not everyone wearing the RLC badge is a driver/stacker/sloppy/pioneer. So why the assumption anyone under a Jimmy is the same as the guys int he Signals Plt?

    Same goes for other capbadges...

    Drive that tank? I can't i'mnot a driver.
    Fire that gu, can't i am an OP Ack.

    Even in the Infantry, who ALL start as riflemen, there will be those that haven't been a 'Infantryman' per se for quite some time and have been in the QMs or RP staff or something.

    If someone wonders why a Signalman can't use a radio (if not a radio user trade), punch the wonderer to the ground and p1ss on him. Strip his unconcious body and move his limbs, roughly, in to the position of hte Figure of Mercury. If you have time scrawl 'Certa Cito' across his forehead. Pen will do, but a knife could be used if the person annoyed you to much.

    News will soon get out.
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  12. Why not teach it on BSS?
  13. It's a sorry state of affairs if a Scaley can't operate a radio. As pointed out, what about BSS? Voice Procedure should be a given as a skill.
  14. Are they still teaching D10, exchanges and Pole Crossing's on BSS along with putting up 9x9's?

    We need some Corps(core) skills and VP and logging should be one of them.
  15. If a Brig needs to use a radio, then there is something very wrong with the war fighting.
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