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I was clearing out my loft today and found an old(ish) poster, depicting the cap badges of all units before the last round of amalgamations.

What confused me was a bronze looking one I had never seen before, which appeared to be a royal coat of arms and was the "General Service Corps" or some such.

What is this unit?
That rings a bell, I think that Corps - without being disrespectful - were used like brickies labourer's etc. In a time when the tradesman's entrance was a common feature in the more well to do households.

Not everyone who joined the army could read and write, but could still be put to good use in a similar way to the job/indentured skill they had in civvie street.

Even in the 80's we had lads who couldn't read and write very well and some spoke mostly Gaelic.

More knowledgable bods please feel free to correct me about the GSC.

Tin hat getting buckled on....
But this poster was (and I think still is) in use in the early 2000s, and I saw that it was at my OTC until only a few months ago, might even still be there!
Well, everyday is a school day.

I thought it was an urban/army legend that they were still using that capbadge - never met any myself.

Army must have an endless supply of these badges that they have to use or melt down. :D
NO, no, no, the GSC was, and is, a admin measure, a place to put people if they had no regt to go to, IIRC a large number of office workers at tne Ministery of War during WW2 where members doing clerical job pre AGC

Currently the only people I belive join the GSC is Officers inbetween regts/capabadges, but this is only on paper, they carry on wearing thoer last regts capbadge till posted and recruits in ATRs during the first stage of basic training. I saw a load in Pirbright recently, they seem t be issued a beret and GSC capbadge till they pass off the square and then wear the headdress of the unit they are bound to.

As for the thickie brickies, I believe that reference was to the Royal Army Service Corps (RASC) the forerunner to the RCT which of course became the RLC
GSC was a corps of the British Army. Its main function was to act as a holding unit for specialists who have not been assigned to other units or corps; these are primarily reservists and the GSC was usually only active in wartime.

The Corps came to serve many functions, one being a Holding area for formations made up from other Regiment's personell to perform a specific task i.e. Pre-Pioneer Corps the "Labour Corps" was badged as GSC.

Also "specialist" staff who did not fit into any category or Regimental/Corps structure i.e. Civilians called up to serve with SOE

Also people who were "Useful" but the Army didn't quite know what to do with them fell into the GSC category RE:

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