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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tricky1982, Mar 17, 2013.

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  1. My grandads collection of cap badges, he said most date back to WW2, should be a few some of you chaps recognise!
    cap badges.jpg
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  2. I'm no golden oldie, but there are two or three in there which still exist;

    Gren Gds?

    I suppose some of the others are scottish, there's clearly Durham LI and King's Somerset LI...I think the fox is Staffs isn't it? The armoured fist is clearly tanks of some sort.

    Any firm answers? I'm too tired to go and properly research.
  3. KSLI - Kings Shropshire Light Infantry.
  4. ok here we go from the top down row by row:

    1: The Durham Light Infantry
    The Cheshire Regiment
    The Corps of Royal Engineers
    The Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters)
    The Royal Army Ordnance Corps
    The King's Shropshire Light Infantry

    2: The Royal Scots Fusiliers
    The Royal Scots Regiment
    The Cameron Highlanders
    The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
    The Highland Light Infantry
    The King's Own Scottish Borderers

    3: Duke of Wellington's Regiment
    Lancashire Fusiliers
    Northamptonshire Regiment
    South Staffordshire Regiment
    West Yorkshire Regiment
    The Royal Tank Corps / Royal Tank Regiment

    4: United States Marine Corps
    Royal Armoured Corps RAOC,
    Royal Army Ordnance Corps
    Warrant Officer Class 1 or General Service Corps
    Warrant Officer Class 2 (Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant)

    5: Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (collar)
    Australian Imperial Force (collar)
    The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (collar)
    The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (shoulder)
    The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (collar)
    East Riding Yeomanry (collar)
    Royal Army Medical Corps (collar)
    The Leicestershire Regiment (collar) ?

    6: Bandsman (regimental)
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (shoulder title)
    Mechanical Transport Driver
    US Army Medical Corps (collar)
    The Northumberland Fusiliers

    Any corrections welcome.
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  5. Well done!!!!
  6. Para 4 - fixed that for you.
  7. Well done Tiger Monkey, but I think you are right to put a query against the Leicesters for the cat and cabbage collar dog. The Leicesters didn't lay claim to a cabbage (or even a rose). Their tiger was surmounted by a scroll bearing the word "Hindoostan" and rather than carrying its tail jauntily over its back it was sort of flicked round to the left and so in front of its body. The cat with jaunty tail and cabbage combination is the York and Lancaster Regiment - but you have to be virtually senile to remember them.
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  8. I am impressed
  9. Cat & Cabbage - Reeks of The Hampshires. They polluted our arm with the cat and our capbadge with their cabbage.

    Edited to add: I defer to the poster above - It looks like it is a York & Lancs badge. (Doesn't stop me hating the ******* Hampshires.)
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  10. No mistaking the Cameronian capbadge, its a ******* beast!
  11. still bitter 20 odd years later...
  12. Nice, the DLI cap badge has always been a favourite of mine due to the texture on the bugle.
  13. Why is it the jocks always seem to have massive cap badges? My theory was so they could easily identify each other when pissed.
  14. Not sure thats a collar dog, I think it's the old REME badge as used from '43 to '47.