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Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by ordinaryforces, Dec 4, 2011.

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  1. As a junior in the sixties in an all arms camp a side interest was collecting badges off each other, I suppose we could have gathered the thick end of a hundred different ones ffs I even saw a machine gun corps badge show up ( I know they were gone but the badge was still knocking about) I wish I kept all mine they might have been worth something now...most of them were pre staybrite good brass ones,
    owing to all the cutbacks and amalgamations would it be worthwhile collecting today? would there be many different ones today? it looks to me as if the rifles badge has swallowed up most of the recruitment areas. some of the jock badges were the size of dinner plates.
  2. I was recently offered £30 for my 3d Highlanders "officers" badge. I did a quick check online and they go for upto £60. **** knows why, we were all issued them for use on our Glengarrys. We normally had the flat white metal version for the Tos.

    I have seen Gordons badges (silver officers ones) regularly go for £100-£200 whilst standard white metal ones go for a tenner.

    British Army THE HIGHLANDERS Officer's Staff Cap Badge | eBay

  3. I'm not surprised at the scottish badge prices, some of them were work of art,
    another thing I miss is the variety in dress, especially the officers, you could have visited a different camp in those days and thought there was a different army in there.
  4. There´s so many copies on flea-bay that unless you really know your stuff you´re gonna get conned,there are a few reputable dealers but I´ve given up even looking!
  5. But wasn't it a great period in the Forces with all those brilliant, beautiful and interesting cap badges.
    And all what it meant? From the mundane wings to the flying dagger, knots, tigers and (the daftest of themall) the crossed swords of a closet queen PTI?