Cap badges, why cloth or metal??

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RAF_Liney, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Just wondered why Army Officers get cloth beret badges and OR's get metal ones? Any historical reason?
  2. The Officers' tends to be wire braid and not cloth, therefore fancy as befitting their rank.
  3. Cloth badges have to be stitched on and as such are harder to lose.
    Or not. :D
  4. RLC had a cloth capbadge for OR's we all had to have them in 1GS as the man above said harder to loose and break plus you could roll your beret right up and stick it in your belt hoops. Did get grubby pretty quickly though
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Possibly cost or ease of manufacture.

    Without doing any research what so ever Regiments used to have embroidered badges, numbers and mottos on head dress, but despite cheap labour I supose it would still be time consuming.

    Rank and file stamped metal badges cheap to produce, uniform and longer lasting.

    Officers badges embroidered in gold and silver wire so more expensive therefore more fitting for their position and standing.

    Maybe....or maybe some other reason.
  6. Because their too lazy to polish a metal one.....?

    ours are all metal so i'm for it!
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  7. Before the introduction of Staybrite, the metal badges would have been brass and therefore needed polishing regularly. Given that a 2Lt has difficulty tying his boot laces, what chance would he have of parading with a shiny badge without Brasso all over his beret?
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  8. I alway thought it was so you could recognise them at a distance and be ready to throw up a salute (or walk the other way!). I have absolutely no evidence to back this up, it's just my own little theory and I'm sure it's wrong!

    Para Reg officers wear metal cap badges though...

    Anyway, let them have their fancy cap badges, just keep them away from the maps!! :D
  9. Royal Regt of Scot officers have the same badge as the "Jocks"....but the "jocks" are starting to polish theirs because the paint is falling off!
  10. LI officers used to have woven badges, but but now everyone serving in The Rifles wears the same staybrite badge, I believe. I don't know the history of the woven badge, but the suggestions posted above seem to make sense. I was told the move to all metal badges was cost.
  11. A couple slightly related questions, (apologises for the hijack)

    Why did the black watch never wear their cap badge? That questioin maybe worded badly however I never saw them use it!


    Why do certain corps/regt have different cap badges if your commissioned or not? ie the Royal Engineers

  12. Black Watch - don't know, but I bet someone here will.

    The Corps of Royal Engineers was formed from two Corps, the Royal Engineers which was a corps of Officers, and the Sappers ans Miners. When they were amalgamated they retained two distinct cap badges. Or so I believe; standing by to be corrected.
  13. Only ever seen it worn in the Glengarry of Snr Officers......
  14. ah yes didnt even thnk about the Glengarrys

    I heard that someone important like Queen Victoria took their capbadge away from them becuse they once took part in some rape, pillage and rape ('you said rape twice...I like rape')

    just a random rumour wonder if anyone can clarify!

  15. 94 Loc Regt RA used to wear cloth capbadges that looked almost identical to an officers capbadge, oh the fun we had with visitors.

    I loved my old badge, still have it somewhere