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Discussion in 'ACF' started by KleenUpGuy, May 15, 2011.

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  1. A comment was made recently by a visiting soldier that if my detachment was badged the same ad the nearby regular soldiers we would receive a lot kore support, so I ask, would you regulars/ ex regulars be more inclined to help cadets of certain cap badges? Or wouldn't it make a flying difference?
    Sorry if you have seen this question on another thread but I posted it here as this is a dedicated thread in correct forum place.
  2. I will just add here that nearly every time I have come across a Detachment wishing to change cap-badge, it has been the sponsor unit which has angrily protested the change. The exceptions I have come acoss have been where geographical distance along with the actual fiunction of the regular unit have made it hard toi support the relationship.
  3. Cadets are cadets in my eyes, I see them every year dishing out poppies and on Rememberance Sunday.
    Personally, I don't mind what capbadge they wear, Even if it's one from a unit I think is full of knob jockeys and despise, I'll still chat to them. They have no idea about the guys in the units of the badge they wear. They might have visited them, but that's all polite stuff.
    So technically that makes them fairly innocent.
  4. In a way I think that being badged to a local regiment, particulary TA, is a good thing. When I was a cadet we were RGJ/ RIFLES but the TAC was a signals regiment. When we had parades we always had the Band and Bugles and that was the first time I knew that I wanted to be a bugler! Hearing the advance made me rise a foot higher and gave me a hard on.
  5. Blimey, first time I heard a bugle could turn some fecker on.....I just wonder what you do with that bugle in your spare time!
  6. Admitedly it was the practice for our rebadging parade the day after. I dont know why it was just the classic 'Bugle Major, Sound the advance!' Shit, I need to go knock one out!
  7. Brings "polishing your bugle" a new meaning!
  8. We have no nearby Rifles units and the only time we do meet them is when we sen our team to go compete in Rifles cup, about a sections worth a year meet a real Rifleman, whilst right next door to my det is a REME TA unit and chilwell base, very rarely we get on the DCCT at chilwell and the TA next door have given us a couple of demonstrations of their bridge and a AFV (wasn't there so don't know which) but we can use the top area so it does have a regular advantage. Is there anyway helping cadets could help the regulars? (not in a dodgy way)
    And in terms of meeting regulars when we are poppy selling we do get a lot of vets and serving have a nice chat or smile, but more recently we get people claiming to be PTIs etc. Come up to us and give us grief (maybe walting). Myself and two cadets were stood near a mcdonalds when one saw a guy with a meal and said "I really fancy a cheeseburger" the guy turned to us and said "is that acceptable?" shouting at the cadet claiming he heard him say that he looked scruffy (or something a long those lines) announcing to us he is a PTI an we are lucky he doesn't have us running up and down till we bleed etc. Then turning to me lecturing about NCO duties and controlling cadets, before walking off and leaving us all stunned. I know the cadet didn't make the comment as I heard him say about the burger and he is a nice kid not one to be insulting random public members. Rant over. Internet rage...
  9. I'd suggest you do a couple of things. First find out who your ACA(2) is. This is the careers advisor for soldier entry and they usually cover a geograhic area. The ACA will have access to the recruitment events run by the various corps/cap badges as well as things like army insight courses. They work mostly through the schools, but a lopt of schools don't like the armed forces coming in and recruiting so some of the cadets won't have access to what the ACA can offer.

    Secondly, a nicely worded letter to the Regimental Colonel (usually a retired officer who has responsibility for promoting the regiment) of the Rifles introducing yourself and the detatchment and asking to be sent copies of the Regt Journal and information on the Regt'l events is likely to get you invited down to the musueum, given a tour and the chance to visit a unit if it is in camp and so on, and if you keep in contact they will see that as a valuable recruiting opportunity.

    In terms of scrounging kit, this can be done from any unit providing they can write it off from their stores. This depends on how inventive the RQMS is, but it doesn't harm to get in touch with your nearest units and ask.
  10. Thanks for the advice I will get on it. Who will I need to contact at chilwell regarding kit? Possible to pm me if you don't want it in domain.
  11. I hate feckin Cadets and their Knob End civvi instructors....
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  12. Careful, you might just get snapped up as a CAA
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  13. cheers for your riveting post genius.................
  14. Is knob end a proper noun???

    Anyways, a cap badge is just an excuse to stick your finger in another pie; the more excuses you have the better: your nearest unit, your sponsor unit (don't have to be badged the same), cadet's dad's unit....