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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by poet, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Starting basic soon just curious how hard would it be to change cap badge? Can it be done?
  2. Step 1: Takle off beret.
    Step 2: Remove capbadge.
    Step 3: Take new capbadge in hand.
    Step 4: Insert new capbadge into beret ensuring it is in the correct position.
    Step 5: Replace beret on head.

    There we go, how to change capbadge in 5 simple steps.
  3. Nice one IdleAdjt .... like it :lol:

    Poet, if you could just be a teeny bit more specific I'm sure there's a lot of advice available here.
  4. Thanks IdleAdjt.
    From RLC to Infantry?
  5. My suggestion is that you re-phrase your question and take it out of the NAAFI - unless you like wandering down the garden path.
  6. Ensure that beret is shaped and not officer style ! :D
  7. Cheers guys :roll:
  8. Fair comment about Officer Berets - might I suggest a substantial length of time in the ranks before becoming an officer. This ensures you are not wearing a crumpled cornish pastie alike heap of kack on your head.

    I qoute my CSM during basic: "Berets girls should look like a pimple on an elephant's arrse"
  9. Look he the story wanted to go in to Infantry got the right time but got told it was not good enougth.
    So i am going for my second job choice with rlc want to know how hard would it be to change cap badge? From rlc to infantry Can it be done? (If I wanted to re take rsc again be 4 months so dont want to wait that long)

    Thanks in advance for any real help.
  10. if it was reverse, then I can see the point but to WANT to go to Infantry
  11. Yes I do dui-lai that a bad thing?
  12. 335 views and no one can answer my question! has any one here ever changed cap badge even? Just wnat to know if it can be done.
  13. I did, just go and see your Sqn Clk and ask for a AF B241 (application to transfer), unfortunatly you have proberly been told that you can transfer as soon as you finish basic, which is usually quite hard. I also recomend getting hold of AGAI Vol 2, which lays down all the rules on transfer. Hope this helps :D Why Inf ? get a trade behind you.
  14. Yes, I've changed a few times, as indicated by my username.

    I think you're nuts to want to leave the RLC to join the infantry. A close friend of mine enquired into doing just that but packed in the idea after further investigation.

    Stay in the RLC and do P Coy or the AACC instead.
  15. Just dont start basic? wait a few months go to another ACO and try and score nice and low on the BARB. Unless the RLC have a lower score to get in than the Inf? (not saying the inf are thick, just not always as academic as some other corps)