Cap badge question.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Tbird885, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. Now this has been bugging me for some time. Cap badges on berets appear to be moving inexorably backwards.

    It used to be positioned over the left eye. Now they appear to have migrated around to the left side of the head. It can only be a matter of time before they traverse through 360 degrees and end up back where they started.

    Is there some sort of one-upmanship going on? Have the regulations changed? Does anyone even care?
  2. NO,I always put my "Motto" right between my eyes

    But in those days we still used headphones
  3. Standards! It's all going to the dogs I tell you.
  4. Regulations have changed. The powers that be now realise that allieness does actually save lives. Better than osprey. I used to wear it in the
    traditional manner but my cqms won't take the risk now
  5. Fortunately,we never had to bother with this.

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  8. C'Mon MODS, stop snipping & weeding and stick this in the NAAFI
  10. And your point is?
  11. My point is that you responded very aggressively and absolutely to a harmless observation followed by a question. If you don't care, as you claim not to, then why jump in swearing and telling people to bore off? he didn't ring you up and ask you your opinion afterall.

    If the orriginal poster is ex-serving, then all the more reason to mind your manners. If you were sat in a pub with a veteran who was making an observation about cap-badge positioning, you would tell him to bore off would you?

    Yes, it's a pretty inane topic and it is doubtless below you and your eternally serious and no-nonesense buisness, but some people are curious about certain things and this being the forum dedicated to kit on an army community site, I'd say the orriginal poster was being quite reasonable.
  12. Yeah id tell him to bore off in a pub! Its like the people who are ex and not serving at all who write to soldier magazine it grips my sh1t,plus its bone thats why i told him to fvcing bore off.
  13. As an ex, Not half as bone as you gobbing off!
  14. Yeah whatever thought u being RGJ too you would know better!
  15. This question pops up too often and it's really quite tedious now.

    These young men and women serve, as they always have, in austere and bloody dangerous environments and some people feel the need to point out a minor dress issues. This is NOT related to a drop in standards as Her Majesties Honours and Awards prove.

    The way berets are shaped is one of the only ways in which a soldier can express their personality. Yes, some of them do take it too far around but I think on the whole this will be self-policing with most of their peers taking the piss.

    Rant over.

    I'm looking forward to the next post about tattoos or sleeve rolling or....yawn...