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Cap badge positioning

I was under the impression that British military dress regs stated that when wearing a beret, the badge must be postioned over the left eye. In the last few days i've seen a couple of military programmes where the badge has been worn over the left ear.
Young Soldiers: 1 Rifles Officer and 1 ranker
The Bomb Squad: 1 RE Sapper (Commando trained).
And those are just a few examples, I have seen more, but forgotten where.
Is this some kind of new fashion and is it tolerated by the RSM's and RP's?
nothing wrong with cap badge over the left eye and a HLS beret, do you know some **** put a orange patch on mine the basatrds
it looks gay as fluck like a compo cap


Book Reviewer
As they are all members of inferior regiments who can blame them for trying to hide their cap badge
ah that explains why it was the paras who started it :)

There seems to be a new fad for shaping a beret into a flat cap from Last of the Summer Wine doing the rounds as well.
thats as old as time too. just watch some of the old war movies, there's a BW micheal caine one where they wear their berets in all sorts of fashions

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