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Bit of a nerd question but it has been niggling me for some time. Was the position of the cap badge on a beret moved from over the left eye to over the left temple officially, or did it just evolve?


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One centimeter over the left eye. Anything else in wrong - no matter what they say.

However, some can, and do get away with it - especially if they are wearing maroon berets....
The Glosters had 2 and Monty had 2 bagdes....

But of course you could check out your local Walts!!!!

And perhaps they had more ...example, my granny had a badge on each nipple X 3!!! was a reall sucker!!!! the biblical sense!!
Lots of Jocks in the Parachute Regiment, can't blame them for wanting to wear their headgear the correct way!
Legs said:
One centimeter over the left eye.
ISTR that it's:
badge fitted correctly in the beret (there's a pocket for the hook to fit in),
band one inch above the eyebrows,
badge centred above the left eye.

If, however, you wear the band one inch above the eyebrows, you look as though you've grown an extra forehead, so band touching the eyebrows is preferable.


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Do the RAC still go in for the two-way stretch? Maybe not since the advent of bonedomes. In the 70s, the Larkspur headset sat best on the head if the beret was pulled down on both sides and the badge in the middle.


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yeah but it looks sh*t unless its maroon
Never understood the attraction it just makes Para Reg look French


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I once attended a course at Warminster along with a number of others. There was myself and one from 3rd Bn RGJ, 2 from 2nd Bn 2 from 1st Bn and we all wore our badges in different positions. We were able to convince the Ds that it was regimental tradition that the badges were worn where they were. Luckily, since he was one of the pink hatted types - who owe their greatest and best known battle honour to a Greenjacket battalion - and not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, this nonsense was never queried.
The RGJ officially wore their cap badge slightly behind the left eye as a reminder that Riflemen never hid behind their battle honours
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