Cap Badge Plea

Discussion in 'REME' started by convoy_cock, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Just reading the letters page in the Manchester Evening News and there's a short letter that one of you lads might be able to help with.

    "Does any reader have an old REME cap badge that they could sell me, an 84 year-old ex-REME war veteran? I've lost mine and need one in time for the Remembrance Day parade

    Ex-craftsman - (01706 823370)"

    Just thought i'd stick it in here in case anyone can help the old fella out.
  2. Try e bay,there are loads there.

    Edited 'cos I'm a biff and have just read your post again and it's not you who wants it.
  3. If it's not sorted by Monday, let me know. Oh, and please don't think of looking on e-bay.

    (Where is Shortarms when you need him???)
  4. I'm sure I can diffy one at work on Monday. I don't believe they're mega expensive, and they're bound to have a few kicking about stores. If nobody else sorts it first, let me know
  5. They'll be free for me at "Tea and Toast" unless someone notices. :D

    Unless, of course, we have a non-scouser who can provide in the meantime.
  6. In that case I'll let you sort the fella out then. Free is always better than just cheap. :D
  7. Given the old boy's age I would assume it's the old bakerlight WW2 REME capbadge he's after, so unless anybody has one of those knocking about then Ebay maybe his only option.
  8. I could probably "find" a new shiny one for him, but I don't think the blokes in the mess here are that old for me to Kingo one of them WW2 ones off them.

    Any more ideas?
  9. i picked up a couple of old brass one with the king's crown on them at a tat market the other day, is that the right era? he's welcome to one of them.
  10. I've got a buckshee REME badge with a KC too. Your man can have it for nothing, just tell me where to post it.