Cap badge identification?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by o0matt0o, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. This is a rather pointless question but non-the-less it has been bugging me since I saw it.
    Can some one tell me which regiment's cap badge this is? (The one the lad in front of the Kingo is wearing)
    It just looked to me like a badge straight out of Nazi Germany.

    cap badge.jpg

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  2. Im going to risk it, waa shield set to maximum.

    The Scots Dragoon Guards (carbiniers and grey).

    It was actually the Romans who started the military love affairs with eagles.
  3. Taken as a trophy from Napoleons Guards after Waterloo, I think.
  4. You lot really need to move on :)
  5. Grey hat as they used to have grey horses
  6. I am continually amazed how important your Regimental history is and obviously makes you lot tick. Hats off or beret in my case which I always found to be a useful cloth to polish my shoes on the odd occasion.
  7. I'm guessing you're a blue job
  8. As was I, generally wore a wedge cap though berets were for Pongos.
  9. Avatar is a bit of a clue
  10. At start of WW 1 they painted greys black, as camouflage ( according to my dad, Northumberland Hussars 14-18 )

  11. Ah cheers for settling that for me lads.
    I did think it was dragoons initially, on looking up the formation for 4th mechanized, as I was familiar with all the units badges apart from theirs. Only when doing a quick search for the dragoons did it come up with a completely different badge.
    Thanks for that though, the annoying urge in my head begging to know what it was has now ceased :)
  12. 'Work' Berets were usually Navy Blue on Tank Park I think.
  13. I only ever saw them in Grey.