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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jord2008, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. I'm going for paras and have put down that on my application to HM forces. However it suggests put down 2 choices should you not qualify for your first choice. I know you're thinking "Well if you're thinking about failing before you start then you don't stand a chance at P Coy"... In reality I'm sure everyone questions what will happen if they don't get their first choice and it isn't really defeatist.

    So for my second choice I've read up on my local regiment (Duke of Lancs) and The Rifles. Tied between the two and not sure what to put down, so I'm asking if there's a massive differance between the two or not? And about the 1 battalion, Rifles, can you join straight into it or do you join 2,3,4,etc and then get transferred to 1 battalion. Sort of like the SFSG and 1 para?

    Probably a bone question but my searching skills aren't up to scratch...
  2. rduke of lancs mate, do it
  3. I think you are getting confused mate.

    You can join whichever you like. You dont start at 4 (for example) and work your way up to 1.
  4. To elaborate I mean obviously 1 Rifles is Commando trained, so like 1 para is SFSG would you need to join a light role/mech/etc battalion then transfer and do the all arms commando course after you've been in a while?

    Hard to explain.
  5. Jord, you can go straight to any Battalion.

    If it is in the 3 Commando role, you might be 'encourared' to attend the course when you are ready.

    In my Corps (Sigs) you can go to 18 Sigs or 216 Sig Sqn and still not be required to do the course.

    My advice is not to worry about it.

    Edited for wobbly enduced fingers :oops:
  6. Thanks for the advice so far guys, I'm off to sleep on it.
  7. Just because your in 1 Rifles it doesn't mean your automatically commando trained. It just means your under 3 Cmdo Brigade. And tbf, everybody is putting down in training that they want to go to 1st Btn the Rifles.. it all depends on slots... from the platoon I was in at ITC nobody got to go to 1st..
  8. Sleep?

    Are you 10 :? :wink:
  9. Haha no mate, I was tired from Gym. And that was my Friday night...