Canuck Forces to Get Tuff New C.O.

Seems the government caved and the Navy's nose is out of joint.. The Chief of Defence Staff position usually rotates Army/Navy/Airforce.. with General Henault, the current CDS [ AirForce ] posted to head up some NATO sh!t thing in Brussels..the top slot was supposed to go to the Seaboys' top admiral.. but...

We're getting an Army top dog.. and a no nonsense one who wasn't afraid to say bad words about Government support.. He just returned from heading up the UN Forces in Afghanistan and before that in Bosnia..with a stint as the Deputy Commander of the United States Army III Corps in Texas notched on his belt as well...

Lt. Gen. Rick Hillier hasn't spent much time in NDHQ and Ottawa so he's not tarred with being a toady in the defence bureaucracy willing to cave to government military budget slashing...

Guess PM Paulie got the message about no more kicking the military we just got to wait and see how much head butting and frustrated screaming the general have to do to shake the tree and get the Canadian Military back in gear...

I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hoping something positive will come of this move...
So are we, but as everyone knows, you canucks are just to polite for yer own good. Still, it should be a good show when the Gen makes his recommendations and demands and they just smile back at him....and take away whats left of his original funding.
Oh, yeah, he'll change things. Yep, surely will.

And in other related news, today at work I achieved all goals, met all targets, achieved all objectives: all pigs fed and watered and ready to fly!!

you jaded, cynical bas**rd...always with the negative waves...

BTW" How's the missus doing ? back from her ' exotic vacation'?

The Good Padre is heading to the neighbourhood in April going to a place that rhymes with ' gobble ' [ say no more, nudge, nudge, wink, wink ]

PM/E-mail me, we'll trade sad stories ...
Well, I hear that the press is praising this guy as "a soldier's soldier". Maybe, but I don't think so. Much play is being given to his having been in Afghanistan. Yippeee. So's my wife, but nobody's making her CDS.

A fair bit of play is being given to the fact that he has done two or three previous tours in the Balkans. Spiffy. I am about to deploy a Sergeant on her EIGHTH tour, four of which were in the Balkans. Nobody is making her CDS.

A fair bit of brouhaha is coming about how he has worked with allied countries like the US. 1 PPCLI and 3 PPCLI deploy hundreds of soldiers a year to Fort Lewis, WA. Guess what, no CDS nominations there either.

Will he be a breath of fresh air? Perhaps. But this is the guy that sang the praises of the Stryker Mobile Gun System (and remember, he's a black hat) insisting that it was better than a tank, mainly because it is air transportable on Hercules aircraft. And, he is right, in that Strykers are air transportable on C-130H models. Sadly, the most recent model the CF has is an old airframe upgraded to C-130G equivalency. Disingenuity, anyone?

So, no, I don't trust him and I read him as another politico that is a careerist as opposed to a professional. He may prove me wrong and I hope he does. I've been waiting a long time for a CDS to do that, so bring it on.

Sorry to come across as snide or snarky, it definitely isn't directed at you, Rocketeer. I'm just tired of the same old crap coming our way and I know it is only through the grace of a God that I don't believe in that our casualty lists haven't been longer.

Best of luck to the Good Padre and may God go with her. Tell her not to let the smufties push her around, they understand honour, respect and force. The wife learned that lesson and things went much better after that.

This the same guy who declared the Canadians would be "dry" in the Balkans?
Well.. Gosh Golly and Gee Whiz, Wotan...when you put it that way...

guess its going to be ' same old, same old ' then...

RC.. weren't exactly ' dry' just -um - just 'limited' to time place and amount...
Met and worked wih him in Bosnia and he was a good man and tipped for the top then. All the canadians I met said he was what they wanted.
See the new General didn'tv waste anytime scoring points with the troops and ' stickin' it to da man '..

At his Change -of - Command speech new CDS Gen. Hillier commented in front of PM Paulie and Defence Minister Graham that:

" In this country, we could probably not give enough resources to the men and women to do all the things that we ask them to do,....But we can give them too little, and that iswhat we are now doing. remember them in your Budget. "
PM Paulie has promised to include additional funds for the military in the Feb. 23 budget [ expected to be about $ 3B over five years - a pittance, of course ,barely able to keep things from falling back too far, but not anything to keep things even and certainly nothing to ' advance ' the equipment and tools to the next level ]

Funny how Mr. graham, the Defence minister cancelled a planned press conference with the Gen. that was supposed to follow the Gen.'s speech.. Aides claim the decision to do so was taken before, as the politico had to ' catch a plane '...[ no time to let the media know, etc. etc..]

strike one agin' the General for dissing his bosses..[ let the fun times roll ]
Definitely an interesting turn and I was quite surprised when I read the article on Friday. Maybe you were right about this bloke, Rocketeer. Talk of pay raises, new money possibly coming in, sticking his finger in the PMs eye......I could come to like this fellow!

What was that, did the wind just shift?!?!?

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