Can't we replace the OJAR with AF B 2077?

I had my first OJAR a few weeks back.  It was 6 years in the making, and the boffins have come up with something that needs attendance on JCSC to understand.

With less space for a pen picture than an AF B 2077 (Soldier's Confidential Report), and more confusing than an LE Officer's OpO, why didn't they leave things alone?

This new fangled report was initiated to justify some Staff Officer types from just sitting around on their elbows, and quite frankly is the worst attempt at Open Reporting that I have ever seen.  I was quite happy with a photo copy of my old CR.

Surley this is the first step in the right direction is it not??  The old system was massively manpower intensive and and created an administrative burden on an already strained system.

The OJAR is, I hope is evolutionary and can be changed with constructive suggestions.  Personally, I think it does need some tweeking but on the whole it looks pretty good.
Stop calling me Surley.  Of course the OJAR is evolutionary, in the same way that the British Army is.  We are forever re-inventing the wheel, and it will only be a matter of 25 years before we evolve back to a Confidential Report that makes sense.


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