Cant stop eating!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TBGB, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. He's nothing that an electric cattle prod and/or a sock filled with pound coins can't fix.

    What a cnut.
  2. "But i love er deep down." Classic
  3. He’s got more chins than an ARRSE maiden 8O
  4. fcuk me its billy bunter. 8O
    lmao fat tw*t
    Nuffin that a 7.62 wouldnt sort out :p
  5. That's it, I'm on a diet, today!
  6. If ever there was a window licker, this lad's it!

    But he does pull the ladies...
  7. "I want to go home where my parents are"

    Can't help thinking they might not hold the same view!

    The money it must cost to run homes for these utter wasters. "Emotionally immature"? He just wants a fkin good hiding.
  8. Just watched the whole episode, also on You Tube.

    What a disorder! They can´t stop eating and also are heavily emotionally stunted. Must be a nightmare for the staff. When they are not dealing with his temper tantrums, they are dealing with him having girlfriends!

    Don´t think I could do that job. If he went off like that.....
  9. He may be mentally retarded but the staff seem to let him do whatever he wants with no retribution and everyone else has to suffer.

    Feckin' social workers. he's not a victim. he's just a lardy, lazy fat tw*t.
  10. They don´t let him do what he wants. Hencehis weight loss. There is discipline there, just not the sort most people recognise. It is more of a controlling discipline. Also note, the staff do not actually do anything that he demands. They respond but don´t act.

    He may look a bit funny, a bit overweight, but I bet he is capable of doing some real damage if he kicks off.
  11. that is one of the funniest things I have seen in ages god i hate fat people but they do provide entertainment they could always join the RLC always room for people like that in there
  12. What an absolute should be exterminated rather than soaking up taxes. It'll never be able to gain employement and therefore will not be financially independant. Either that or put it in a circus where it will be able to generate an income. Harsh but fair.
  13. Good god that's vile. Could open a soap factory on that cnut.
  14. Who the feck would go out with him. The fat cnut.