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Welcome to the wonderful world of the North Korean News via the internet

Mundo Bizzaro 8O

Let it play past the studio commentary bit.

I don't speak North Korean, but the "Ram it Spams" message comes across :D

Are we sure they can produce Nukes?
PartTimePongo said:
Are we sure they can produce Nukes?
No they can't but they know that every time they pretend to the Yanks give them a load of dosh not to. However Bliar is convinced they could launch a missile in about 45 minutes :?
the factories looked too empty and clean,the street is not exactly bustling, where are the rest of the population?, the people looked nervous when interviewed, gotta be a show with no substances, full of propaganda bull.
the korean birds looked fit tho
Yeah I know Semper, if that is the workers paradise, I don't know if we should nuke them, or psyops them with McDonalds and Burger King adverts

Poor Bastiges. 8O

I'm fascinated enough to watch tonight's news though. Will they be digging more ditches ,building more factories on the Lunar landscape, unfurling more red banners , 'assailing' the bloated imperio-capitalist running dogs etc?

and will we get to see DPRK girlie students in skimpier clothing?

I can hardly wait, only 2 hours to go :twisted:

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