Cant seem to add to "Quotes"

Same here. Any of the MODs know any thing about this?
FluffyBunny said:
For some reason, I can't remember how to add to the "Quotes" database.

I'm fairly sure it's a combination of Alzheimer's and stupidity on my part, but I'm sure there was once a way of doing so?

Too revive a slightly old thread: I can't work it out either.

I'm sure this is due to my lack of braincells: you'll find more coherent thought processes in mong dribble.

If you can't advise could someone please add:

"Unfortunately, you do indeed appear to have no discernible leadership qualities. Furthermore, you seem to be overly cautious, timid and lacking in self confidence.
A career in the military may not be for you.
Have you thought about the RAF?"

By Sandmanfez to the quotes as it made me fire a long hot stream of urine into my boxers whilst giving me a hernia

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