Cant see what all the fuss is about

supposedly this is shocking and caused all the blue rinse set and personally-saved Jesus freaks to implode when it played on US tv... apparently Paris is

sadly, not in my books..they should have turned the hose on her and shoved it, then turnedcthe tap to full...
she could do with actually swallowing!

the burger i mean, might grow some breasts then lol

pretty girl though to be fair
did you click on the ' interview' with her? The burger has more brains...and definitely more ' meat ' on it than her...
Beanz said:
pretty girl though to be fair
are you mental? after all that plastic surgery (nose jobs etc) and dyed hair she should look damn stunning. oh...and the blue contact lenses. plastic paris.

check out and see her before and after surgery. Terrible.

she's got a terrible hooknose and the body of a small boy. surprised michael jackson didn't marry her to try and go legit. imagine spending afortune on platic surgery she could at least have the decency to get a splendid pair of knockers! she's just plain selfish :wink: apparently she's thinking about it v. soon.
knew she'd done plenty to her hair/make up routine, had no idea that she'd had THAT much work done though!
mind you, just goes to show no amount of money can buy you dignity or class! and that pic of her growler?????? where is it 8O

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