Cant see the problem


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I've got a mental image of a bunch of hoorays galloping down the high street on horses on a Sunday morning looking for chavs, with associated bugles, whips and side-by-sides (whilst the chavs are still in bed), before disappointedly milling about, saying things like 'damn and blast, where are the little buggers' before heading off for cigars and sherry.
please tell me they are going to make this legal
Sadly not, and the school in question was rather upset at this video. It wasn't even real, it's entirely staged, and what a large majority would love to do. But hey hum.
What a pompous tart Ms Cunningham MSP appears to be! What is the problem - it all seems like a very good idea.

However when a black rapper does a music video where he is the victim being chased by the oppresive rich, upper class white men there isn't a whisper from the BBC.
By Gad, that looks like absolutely tip-top fun - and an important service to society to boot! Where does one sign-up? Chasing Mr. Fox positively pales in comparison...

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