Cant say "black spot" in the south wales fire service.


In light of what happend to the 4 firemen in Avon fire service I have another example of PC fire brigade madness.

While on a shout last week we lost radio contact with our fire control due to the fire engine being in a blackspot.

Our boss contacted control on a moblie phone to tell them that we were in a blackspot and had no radio commes.He was promptly told that he was not alowed to say blackspot because it might be seen as racest.

Madness :roll: .
Almost as pathetic was the old control centre for Wiltshire having to rename 'Emergency Operations Centre' as control is a form of bullying and therefore illegal......
The country is going to pot. We are the minority now in this country and cant have a normal conversation with people now for fear of prosecution. It is a joke.


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In my days in blue serge I was rebuked for asking for a black tea in a council canteen. I was told to ask for 'umbrella coloured tea'. I disputed this, as my umbrella is red, white, green and orange. Wouldn't drink any tea that colour. It's Seallafield tea!
I thought it WAS black now, the 'negro and afro-carribean' options having been dropped.

The next time anybody goes and buys white paint, whitewash or a white loaf, I am getting on to the CRE as I feel that it is a racist slur.



The worst thing is I dont think its the majority of black people who are forceing this PC madness its a few do gooders who are trying to saves us from our selves(in there mind).


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Well if my place has gone up and the lads are haring it to the rescue you may call me a lazy fucking n***** and I shall not complain. I suspect the same would be true of the tossers who dream this stuff up.

That should read 'nitwit'. I dont know what happened there.
ukdaytona said:
This is truly a Black day. Now where is me cup of black coffee?
I recall being offered a cup of "Negerschweiss" by an elderly German many years ago.I have to admit I would be black-affronted to hear such nasty talk today! :D
old_fat_and_hairy said:
And if one is feeling a little down, will that cause problems with heightist mental health groups?
If you're feeling up a down, I'm going to report you to the NSPCM.

(National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Mongers)

Bastard. ;)

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